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characters µ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Susy McPhee She suspects her husband's cheating and can't bear to confront him outright Posing as 'Sassy' Fran sends a reply to 'Footloose' and sets out to date her own husband But this increasingly crazy plan leads Max to start to have doubts of his own Torn between suspicion and love life for Fran just got very complicated can her marriage survive. Oh well I cried when I got to page 4 I like it The storyline is not complicated but the feeling it had given me when I read it was nothing short of warm and cozy which is easy to appreciate

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Husbands and Lies Read & Download Ä 106 ¾ ➮ [Read] ➪ Husbands and Lies By Susy McPhee ➺ – There are some people you'd do anything for For Fran that list would include her husband Max her daughter and her best friend Alison Only Alison is now desperately ill and she needs Fran's help She wa There There are some people you'd do anything for For Fran that list would include her husband Max her daughter and her best friend Alison Only Alison is now desperately ill and she needs Fran's help She wants to find her husband a new wife and leave her young daughter with a new mother Fran finds the whole idea deeply uncomfortable but it's ha. Audiobook narration as good as always from Jane Collingwood however the story was rather silly frustrating and shallow as were the characters

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Husbands and LiesRd to refuse your closest friend at the best of times let alone ignore her dying wishes So Fran reluctantly logs on to an internet dating site where she stumbles across a startlingly Husbands and Kindle familiar profile 'Footloose' describes himself as divorced but his photo looks exactly like Fran's husband Max What's a wife to do when. Fran is happily married to Max and has a young daughter Lottie as well as a bunch of fantastic friends including Alison Fran’s best friend Fran’s world is rocked though when Alison becomes terminally ill and even so when Alison asks Fran to do her a favour She wants Fran to log onto a dating site and find her husband Adam a new wife for when she’s not around Fran reluctantly logs onto the dating site only to discover a picture that looks suspiciously like Max under the member name of Footloose To try and find out why her husband is a member of a dating site Fran signs up under the member name of Sassy and sets out to trap her own husband and find out the truth But will Fran’s attempts to catch Max in the act lead to the end of her marriageI have to admit that I only came across Susy McPhee’s books after Chloe reviewed her debut novel Husbands Lies I wasn’t totally sure if it was a book that appealed to me but when I saw it in the book swop I decided to pick it up and give it a go I then received Susy’s second book from her publishers for review and both books have sat on my shelf for at least 6 months I kept remembering the opening line from Husbands Lies and thought it was probably time to try Susy McPhee’s debut novelAs I said it was the opening line of the book that really drew me in “My mother taught me to lie” is how the book begins and from then on I was hooked The book isn’t an easy read far from it but the way in which it’s written doesn’t let the sad stuff bog the book down Instead it feels lighter than it actually is It’s certainly not your average chick lit book; there’s no main character who thinks she’s fat or is worried about her job et al instead it’s a bit grittier and the story is probably true to life than most chick lit books despite Alison’s rather strange reuest The entire book hinges on Alison’s Fran’s terminally ill friend asking Fran to go online to find her husband a new wife after she dies Which may sound morbid when read like that but the way in which Alison and Fran deals with the reuest makes it seem not so morbid after allAfter Alison’s rather shocking reuest Fran does as she’s told and that’s where everything takes off Because whilst browsing the dating website Fran comes across an all too familiar photograph in the shape of her husband Max who is masuerading as ‘Footloose’ It sends Fran into an expected tailspin at the thought that Max her husband of 12 years could be so callous as to set himself up on a dating site despite the fact he’s very married and has a young child For me that was the best part of the book; Fran’s reaction to Max’s proposed betrayal It’s written in a very real style and I could see why Fran was so distressed Susy McPhee portrays all of Fran’s emotions incredibly well which just makes the story all the better After Fran finds out about Max she decides to pose as another member on the dating site – “Sassy” – and see if he’ll meet up with her so she can catch him red handed Again it’s another clever twist to the tale and the unfolding of the entire plot was great to read because there are a lot of uestions to be answeredSusy McPhee is really great at crafting her characters As I said Fran was a fantastic leading female character Because of everything that’s happening to her – her best friend dying her husband being a possible love rat – Fran could have just sat in a corner and cried and been well within her rights to do so But she didn’t; she was strong and although sometimes the things happening do get her down the majority of the time she manages to hold it all in I liked that I appreciate a strong female lead and Fran carried the story beautifully Max Fran’s husband is surprisingly absent through the majority of the book and only pops up every now and again That does of course is like fuel to the fire in regards of whether or not he is a cheat Alison Fran’s ill best friend is a central character to the book and I actually thought she was fantastic Much like Fran she doesn’t let her problems get her down and was strong even with her diagnosis We also see a little of Fran’s family her mother and sister but not too much as there’s definitely some bad feeling there which is explained throughout the book The final character in the story who is of any importance is Greg a work colleague and friend of Fran’s Again he was another great characterSusy’s writing is also rather gripping I finished the book in under 4 hours because once I was sucked in I just wanted to know how it was going to pan out There are lots of twists and turns throughout the book some surprising than others I suppose that’s the only fault I can pick with the book; all of the twists and turns weren’t surprising for me I had guessed every single one coming None of them had the shock factor that I would have expected The ending was surprisingly uite sad in many ways but it really workedOverall I really enjoyed reading Husbands and Lies It’s certainly not what I expected and I’m pleased for that It’s also certainly not like most chick lit on the market and definitely has a grittier soul to it The cover is totally wrong for the book – it makes the book seem lighter than it truly is despite the way it’s written I hugely recommend Husbands and Lies it really was a great read My only minor disappointment being I had guessed all of the twists Although it could be that I was supposed to guess them in which case Susy wins