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FREE READ Ä Out of the Woods Tarins World #1 Ã ❰PDF❯ ✍ Out of the Woods Tarins World #1 Author Syd McGinley – Wild boy Tarin is determined not to be captured by the men who live in the decaying Before Times buildings on the other side of Tarin's woodland home but he's just as determined to prHow society crumbled but for as long as they can remember boys have lived in the woods and are hunted by the men each Fall Some boys believe in a mysterious Lady who protects them while others think the men of the Woods PDFEPUB #10003 are magic Tarin knows better he's met a man and escaped by stabbing himHunted through the w. A Captivating Story of the Taming of a Free spirited Wild Boy in a Post Apocalypse Totalitarian SocietyI have thoroughly enjoyed reading Out of the Woods It is a pleasure to watch the uniue and original storyline unfolds as I tried my best to solve the mysteries surrounding the woodland boys and the men from the Before Times buildings I pondered on why the men would hunt the boys each Fall Why would new younger boys kept appearing in the woods skipping and singing Are these new boys replacements for all those older ones which the men took with them Where on earth did they come from when there's not a woman in sight And lastly why the men honour the Mothers greatly whereas the wood boys idolizes the Lady These are only part of the mysteries found within the book and I am going to leave a theory of mine towards the end of this review on a major mystery everyone is dying to know I am going to take my own shot at uncovering the layers of veils for that much speculated mysteryThese mysteries made Out of the Woods a highly compelling story Apart from this there are also other positive areas such as the well crafted characters that are engaging and relatable amazing world building with intriguing societal setup and exciting plots that super glued me to the bookEach of the characters have their own distinctive personality And they are all memorable in their own way This is especially true with Tarin our much adored protagonist Tarin is a contented wild child of the woodland His free spirited ways with his valiant heart and plucky nature won me over There is an endearing sweet innocent that surrounds him He is also the character that made this story a whole lot of fun His guileless approach to his new surroundings in the men's settlement resulted in many hilarious situations Tarins says the darndest things He tickles my funny bone countless times with his silly antics He might appear to be clueless most of the times yet there are times where he is wise beyond his years I love him to bitsThe atmospheres at the men's settlement is always buzzing and alive with activities Their daily lives are fascinating to me Watching the men trying to reconstruct a civilized society based on what was left behind after what I think was an apocalypse destruction was thought provokingAlthough there is only one antagonist in this story I would say he wasn't the biggest threat to our protagonist or to his friends It was men's greed for power and over ambitiousness of maintaining absolute control over others that made many suffered unfairly This was nothing but outright tyranny and enslavement in the guise of protection and safety Hence I reckon this issue as the predominant threat to Tarin and the boysThe men adopted to a totalitarian societal setup that bears strong resemblance to a militarian organization They are segregated by ranking and entitled to certain benefits according to their ranks While the boys will always be boys; they do not have any authority or any actual autonomy I am unsure if this is a spoiler but I decided to hide it to be on the safe side So explore at your own riskview spoilerThe most they are viewed as men's possession A status symbol and a privilege all of the men are vying for; the boys are the ultimate price that bespoke a men's achievements hide spoiler


Oods as he tries to protect the weaker Cory Tarin is trapped and claimed by the very man he knifed All Tarin wants is to stay in the woods and not have of the Woods Tarins World PDF to get 'civilized ' but he's carried off into a different world of rules and discipline Will he be able to survive now that he is Out of the Wood. It's been a day since I finished this book and I'm still thinking about it I'm also still conflicted about it I have decided to give it this rating because the world building isn't complete there will be at least one seuel so I deserve the right to change my opinion about it once I have all relevant informationGood thingsThe premise of the novel is original and complex It is clear that the author has given a lot of thought to the world building It was fun recognizing the remnants of our time in it divids for example were easy to spot The writing is superb I've seen several reviewers complaining somewhat about the slower middle but I have devoured the book The characters especially Tarin are excellent He is probably the best character I've read about in a long long time He is a half feral young man he is 19 who can barely speak properly and yet the author has managed to convey that he is highly intelligent His reasoning is practically flawless even if it doesn't always lead to correct conclusions due to the lack of practical knowledge For example he concluded that nakedness becomes uncomfortable or humiliating or even remotely important only when clothes are brought into euation He has so much spirit and has such a good heart that you absolutely have to root for him His collision with civilized society is source of many humorous moments You simply have to love himThings I was conflicted aboutview spoilerIt is clear that the boys are preselected according to their sexual inclination we don't know what happens to the straight kids or those who are not inclined to dominatesubmit to their partners or how that is even determined At age 11 they are sent into the woods to live there and when they reach the age of 19 to be hunted down and then trained to become submissive lovers and take their part in the society hide spoiler

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Out of the Woods Tarins World #1Wild boy Tarin is determined not the Woods PDF #202 to be captured by the men who live in the decaying Before Times buildings on the other side of Tarin's woodland home but he's just as determined to protect the younger boys in the woodsNo one remembers being a child or Out of PDFEPUB or knows where all the women have gone or. This is a pretty challenging review to writeWhen I read the blurb I was pretty much sold on this already Wild Boys living out in the woods surviving harsh winters hunting and preying on animals until each year some boys get hunted and caught by men aka adults It sounds like a veeeery weird intro to a porn movie and parts of the plot are very graphic although you gotta give it to the story to dive in deep into world building here including phrases and concepts that are derived from the remains of the so called Before Times in this dystopian settingNothing is truly revealed about these mysterious 'Before Times' but I got the impression it is actually our contemporary world Apparently there was SOMETHING that permanently changed the world as we know it and left men starting out as boys who are mysteriously abandoned by divine 'Mothers' in the forest where men find them take them under their wings and in their beds to become soldiers themselves and complete the cycleAnd I still think that the few remaining men who survived the apocalypse simply found a porn movie under piles of debris and declared it their religionI did have a slightly uncomfortable feeling reading this because although the author establishes several times that the 'boys' hunted and caught are in fact 19 years old they seem like children especially since they have no memories of their early childhood years and also have no idea about the world and where they came from Let's just ignore the fact that they like to spend their time trading blowjobs in the woodsSo Tarin our self sustaining and devastatingly independent hero is a 19 year old hardened guy who learned how to survive in nature and who does not want to get 'civilized' by men he considers his enemies Any resemblance to Tarzan is purely coincidental I’m sure One day however like all the boys before him he gets caught by a man he only names Beak face Beak face is actually Garrick who is a captain in the military environment the men call home He is a pretty laid back gentle guy and lays claim on Tarin and the two bond which is such a nice term for a daddy son relationshipIt does remind me a bit of Ancient Greek's take on homosexualityAnd yet it is pretty uniueApparently the religious system that is only hinted at reuires boys and men to pair up also sexually Where do the boys come from Where are the Mothers that are regarded as divine beings by the men and boys And not just in the religious sense; I mean where are they physically They very obviously exist and grant the men and boys wishes on 'Mother's Day' which might be derived from our Christmas Why are the sacred texts in fact children's books and why don't the men ever undertake agriculture or science keeping themselves completely at the mercy of the mysterious 'Mothers' whatever and wherever they areSo yes I came for the promise of some kinky sex and stayed for the fascinating world building and the genuinely interesting charactersI absolutely liked Garrick and many other men in this world Tarin was a bit difficult for me to relate to I wasn’t too fond of the endless pages of men convincing Tarin to use a bathroom because he refused to do his business inside a buildingOnce the complex social structures of the men's world were established the story even took some interesting turns and plot twists And the ending was simply amazing I need to be honest and say that some of the sexual concepts in this story were pretty graphic and disgusting but my overall fascination for this world and its characters is so strong that I will definitely pick up the second book to find out about what is going on hereAnd yeah thanks mom for the daily bread and thanks Tarin for not spreading your gift on it The community sure is grateful for that45 fascinated stars