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READ & DOWNLOAD ¾ The Complete Dr. Fell Volume I ↠ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Complete Dr. Fell Volume I By Syd McGinley ✩ – Homeless after his mother's funeral John Fell can't stop mourning his murdered lover Rob and he clings to his goal of fulfilling his and Rob's dream of completing his PhDDe his doubts he finds solace in helping boys The Complete PDF learn to serve their owners and for owners to be worthy of service Dr Fell's poverty pride and loyalty to Rob hinder his uest for a new boy but his sense of duty can't let him walk away from someone in need Forced to confront his responses to abuse and neglect dispirited by the imperfect relationships of his fellow doms and their subs and struggling to make ends meet John gives up the. Outstanding book I put it up there with the deviation series You have Dr Fell who is a Dom He is like a teacher to other subs and Doms It is his life and all the ups and down I truely got into the characters I have even emailed Dr Fell to find out when his next book will come out

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Homeless after his mother's funeral John Dr Fell PDF #180 Fell can't stop mourning his murdered lover Rob and he clings to his goal of fulfilling his and Rob's dream of completing his PhD to become Dr John Fell Looking after his best friend's sub Charlie gives him the resources to write his thesis and fight his homophobic father for his inheritance John retreats to his cabin in the woods but pet sitting Charlie has shown him a new path Putting asi. A group of rich masters swap their leatherboys back and forth with cheerful abandon Then one master meets an arrogant boy who needs to be taken down a few knotches I have to admit that this trope – which was first popularized in the late 1970s through Mr Benson by John Preston who in turn stole much of his material from earlier writers – is not my favorite BDSM storyline Maybe it's because I'm such a realist that I expect the masters to be arguing over which master's protocol the boys should follow Syd McGinley though has done what I would have thought impossible The Complete Dr Fell Volume 1 Lost which was donated to me by the author is a realistic version of this trope It's not only realistic but it retains Preston's admirable mixture of humor and pathos McGinley's novel actually reminds me closely of Preston's I Once Had a Master which Preston based on episodes in his own life Unlike Mr Benson which nobody could describe as realistic with the possible exception of the chapter set in the Mineshaft bar I Once Had a Master sought to mold porn fantasy into something that could pass as literary fiction McGinley has done the same Amidst all the unlikely erotic passages – a cock ring made of hollies – the novel addresses such topics as domestic abuse immigration laws illiteracy and Robert's Rules of Order Jesus he's spent too long in corporate land the narrator says of another character I mean it is important to discuss who is having what mark put on which boy but do we really need a fucking agenda In addition to my very great relief the dominant who narrates the story is not rich Dr John Fell is an engaging protagonist a scholarly curmudgeon who has a soft spot for abused and ill trained leatherboys I can't say that I agree with every decision he makes not to mention his propensity for thrashing bare flesh with wild plants I winced during those passages since I'm allergic to just about everything I touch in my garden But that's entirely the point this is no Mr Benson no idealization of an infallible master Instead Dr Fell is struggling with a personal demon an inability to move beyond a past tragedy which inhibits his relations with others Fortunately he is surrounded by a loving and supportive community Dr Fell describe this as a Ds group though it reads to me as Ms since all of the group's boys are owned and appear to have little say on how their lives are led Many BDSM stories zero in on a sexual pairing leaving the reader with the impression that there's a solid wall between BDSM partners and the rest of the world McGinley's approach is refreshingly different presenting a network of BDSM relationships and even hinting at what is taking place in the vanilla world The passage where Dr Fell doms his students during a writing exercise is particularly amusing Although Dr Fell freuents a leather bar how he got past the doorman before he bought himself a leather jacket is left an unanswered uestion there's not much gay leather culture in the novel On the other hand there's a strong enough gay atmosphere that one doesn't feel that McGinley has stolen the plotline from yaoi manga In a tongue in cheek seuence McGinley portrays a boy as harboring such manga Although the characters – in another realistic touch – range from bear to effeminate Dr Fell himself is very much a product of masculine culture We're saved from having to do awkward macho congratulations he reports at one point Thanks to the first person narration we get to witness his inner turmoil but only occasionally are the other characters granted a glimpse of what lies behind his forbidding countenance The novel begins a bit awkwardly with Dr Fell subduing a recalcitrant submissive by sheer force and it might be added no condom The characters' attitudes toward condomless anal sex are frustratingly inconsistent; at one point a boy prepares contributions for an AIDS foundation mere hours before barebacking another dom's boy In a wonderful divergence from the Mr Benson tradition however the submissive turns out to be not uite subdued after all irrepressible is how the long suffering narrator describes him The next story in the novel takes a darker turn and the author shows considerable skill at mixing tragedy with comedy Alas McGinley like most other BDSM writers is better at describing naked bodies than at describing the characters' surroundings Usually I try not to uibble over such matters but it's hard for me to believe that a Renaissance scholar who carries around a volume with phrases like this— The canker blooms have full as deep a dye As the perfumed tincture of the roses Hang on such thorns and play as wantonly When summer's breath their masked buds discloses —would proceed to describe his surroundings in this manner I throw myself into winterizing the cabin chop lots of wood finish up roof repairs install storm windows and seal gaps in the wooden walls There is precious little visual detail in the novel and virtually no smells tastes senses of touch or sounds other than dialogue This is a shame because the novel being primarily set in one location could easily have provided the reader with some sensory hint of why the narrator so much enjoys living in the woods One passage in particular suggests that Dr Fell has a certain affinity with Thoreau I have few possessions a laptop sweats and jeans a box of books I believe luxury comes from attention to detail not possessions What few descriptions of the cabin exist are slipped into the narrative in a natural manner usually because one boy or another is doing domestic work While the novel doesn't scrimp on scenes of sex and SM McGinley is one of the few BDSM writers who seems to have grasped that doms occasionally emerge from their bedrooms and dungeons The primary focus of the novel is on nonsexual training as Dr Fell provides the boys with opportunities to expand their skills And not just the boys Twink slams in Dr Fell Laurie says he needs a doctor A real one not some PhD hollers Laurie from the porch Twink and Dexter suck their breath in unison I give them my cold smile You two find something to do in the kitchen I'll be busy for awhile Laurie is on the porch unrepentant His ass is a mess but twink has done a good job of cleaning it He looks me straight in the eye I know a challenge when I see one I shut the door behind me Laurie keeps his head held high What the fuck are you up to boy Is your ass not sore enough I can see tears glistening in his eyes and I realize it's all bravado and he wants me out here in private He shakes his head I'm so scared Dr Fell What I'm going to need is too much I stand next to him by the railing and put an arm around him I've only touched to punish so far and he whimpers in surprise I don't think so boy Only if you fight it His back is rigid under my arm and then after a second he starts to tremble Stop being so proud You know I need to bring you low before you learn better ways But if you understand and work with me it's easier I get a small sob from him and then he puts his head on my shoulder and weeps Why doesn't sir do that for me He just ignores me; he doesn't care if I'm struggling He sent you here He's still sobbing and I'm rubbing his back gently I know but he never controls me and he's having you do it not him I know it was wrong to use the credit card I didn't even buy stuff I wanted I hide a sigh Training Doms is much harder than training boys but it's Laurie's doctor who is the real problem Laurie is still babbling and his sad little remarks about how being a doctor's boy is lonely and boring confirm my thoughts Poor Laurie He as I suspect are several of the group's boys is a trophy sub Cute outwardly obedient and bored out of his skull while his rich owner works on staying rich and not on being an owner

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The Complete Dr Fell Volume IAcademic dream that sustained him through the lean years with Rob Time and again Complete Dr Fell PDF #197 Dr Fell is drawn back into the outside world by boys in need and by the irrepressible Charlie who just won't let him be The center of a growing circle of family and friends John slowly returns to life But is all that enough to help him find his 'forever boy' Will John Fell PhD be smart enough to let his past go and make a new future for himse. This is one of my favorite series Although not truly indepth the characters are well fleshed out and likable The author does an excellent job keeping the reader interested throughout the book and leaves you wanting The writing style first person present is sometimes rough but it fits the stories within I did feel left out in some spots wondering what happened to a few of the boys after they left the cabin I understand these uestions are answered in; The Boys Of Fell which I have yet to read but plan to very soon If you are looking for a light but correct BDSM read then I highly recommend this series