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Summary ã Night Sins í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Night Sins ✓ Tami Hoag – Librarian’s note This is a previously published edition of Kindle ASIN B000FBJF3W A peaceful Minnesota town where crime is something that just doesn’t happen is about to face its worst nightmK case A local cop who fears that big city evils have come to stalk his small town home Together they are hunting for a madman who knows no bounds to protect a town that may never feel safe again From the Paperback editi. This book and the second book in the series need to be read back to back It's really one plot broken into two books based on the Hh romance Well not romance as it's definitely insta lust and sex This book felt like it had a lot of filler which did not advance the plot or add to the characters' development Plus it really ends with the plot unfinished which in my books is a cliffhanger I hate cliffhangers and serials I like series but not serials which leave me with the this is incomplete and frustrating feelingThe plot is good but really felt like it should have been one bookMore later

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Ere are no witnesses no clues only a note cleverly taunting casually cruel Has a cold blooded kidnapper struck Or is this the reawakening of a long uiet serial killer A tough minded investigator on her first make or brea. 2 stars because I finished it Spoilers maybe I don't knowThis book was horrible I know it was written in the nineties but God were the nineties this bad The characters are all such stereotypesThe police chief who moved to a small town after his wife and son were murdered and swore never to get emotionally attached again the female field agent with a crappy childhood and daddy issues the stunning news reporter with no conscience who sleeps with people for a scoop Rolling your eyes yetAnd let's get something clear Mitch Holt is an asshole with anger issues and we are encouraged to think about him as the McDreamy of the police force He is attracted to Megan and the first time she angers him he pinned her to a wall and stared at her chest then tried to kiss and when she pushed him away he somehow made her feel bad In their first fight after they sleep together he tells her that she doesn't know how to be a woman Whenever he thinks about her he laments the fact that he can't control her We are presented with Paul the abusive cheating husband but if you just take a second that five years from now Megan and Mitch will be Paul and Hannah Oh and let's not forget that he doesn't know how to do his job They lose precious time at the beginning because it's a safe town bo children get kidnapped here he doesn't do a background check on a pretty shady character and he doesn't verify the alibi of Paul UghAnd the one thing that kept me going was the mystery How was the plot you may ask well I don't know what to tell you because there is a second book which I'm not gonna read and we have no clue what happened at the end of the book Awesome right Don't read this book It's bad

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Night SinsLibrarian’s note This is a previously published edition of Kindle ASIN BFBJFW A peaceful Minnesota town where crime is something that just doesn’t happen is about to face its worst nightmare A young boy disappears Th. The best line is on page 300;She breathed in the waxy scent of crayons and felt as if one had been driven through her heart Hah I'm on page 404 and so far there have been three official clues and the MOST TEDIOUS characters The woman who broke the sex barrier for females in her position in law enforcement broke her no dating cops rule and slept with the chief the second day she knew him putting her job at risk and looking like an idiot to all working women to boot I no longer care about Josh may he rest in peace Really poor character developmentFinished it Glad it's over Ending was obviously either that the writer didn't know how to finish a book or a setup for a seuel Women who have sex get punished Men who have sex get punished Ironically the only place this writer seemed to care about her characters was when they were having sex and then she went on in great detail She didn't mention how two people who were as unreliable and outspoken loose cannons dare I say managed to advance in law enforcement She didn't mention how the priest had such poor judgment yet kept his collar on She didn't mention oh never mind It was a really long and pointless story with an unsatisfying ending