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Soul Music review ✓ 107 Ë [PDF / Epub] ☀ Soul Music Author Terry Pratchett – When her dear old Granddad the Grim Reaper himself goes missing Susan takes over the family business The progeny of Death's adopted daughter and his apprentice she shows real talent for the trade That When her dear old Granddad the Grim Reaper hiFull of dreams and a pocketful of lint Imp the Bard lands in Ankh Morpork yearning to become a rock star Determined to devote his life to music the unlucky fellow soon finds that all his dreams are coming true Well almostIn this finger snapping toe tapping tale. I didn't realise I was a month behind in my self imposed Discworld novel per month readathon but apparently I wasam That said as per usual it was a thoroughly enjoyable hilarious novelI know I've said it before but this must be one of my favourite novels so far ha ha It has probably my favourite character as in DEATH although when I read books with The Witches I love them oh and of course The Night Watch Oh blow it all of them are just so different and so much funIn this book DEATH goes a wandering and his granddaughter Susan Is selected to take his place by higher powers Tracked down by a talking Raven and the DEATH of RATS she initially doesn't believe in anything supernatural Concurrently a harpist in Ankh Morpork buys a guitar from a shop that never used to be there and its music magic makes its chords and riffs irresistible to all who hear itCMOT Dibbler gets involved as a music Impresario and Susan as DEATH is also in the mix with most of the Senior Wizards from Unseen University along with a number of Trolls as everything starts going completely wrong Step in Albert DEATH's man who realises this cannot be allowed to continue and goes in hunt of DEATH to sort the mess outA wonderfully written Discworld novel full of all the humour pathos and characters that make the Discworld series what it is to so many avid followers

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Of youth Death and rocks that roll Terry Pratchett once again demonstrates the wit and genius that have propelled him to the highest echelons of parody next to Mark Twain Kurt Vonnegut Douglas Adams and Carl HiaasenThis is an alternate cover edition of ISBN ISBN. Soul Music was I guess my first true love Um I mean with Terry Pratchett Um I mean you know what I mean DSo much so that when I had to pick the topic of my 4000 word IB extended essay there was no room for doubt It had to be Susan And Death And the Music With Rocks In And the life saving human defining importance of rebellion Teen angst ha teen me would fume What d'you grown ups knowMeet 4000 word essay here Even though this is the least academic of all the many drafts I wrote it still sounds terribly highfalutin Thousand apologies

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Soul MusicWhen her dear old Granddad the Grim Reaper himself goes missing Susan takes over the family business The progeny of Death's adopted daughter and his apprentice she shows real talent for the trade That is until a little string in her heart goes twangWith a head. Sex drugs and rock and roll in the DiscworldExcept there’s really not any sex to speak of and to be honest really not any drugs eitherBut 1 out of three ain’t bad er well I guess that’s 33 percent so really not that good but But in Sir Terry Pratchett’s able writing it is good as the Discworld experiences rock and roll –or actually Music with Rocks In as performed by The Band with Rocks InImp Y Celyn which literally means bud of holly calls himself Buddy and his band mates Glod as in on a mission from Glod and their troll drummer Cliff set out to hit the big stage of Ankh Morpork and things get bigger than they ever imagined as Buddy finds a magical mystical guitar that takes over and makes things interestingChecklist of Discworld charactersDeath – checkThe Librarian – checkCut me own throat Dibbler – checkThe Wizardly staff at Unseen University – checkSusan – checkSgt Colon and Corporal Nobbs checkAnd a host of other fun folks who inhabit Pratchett’s Discworld Most of the action takes place in Ankh Morpork but the Band also goes on tour As in most of Pratchett’s work this is also a satire on a great many things most notably here commercialism music industry art and music and human natureFun fun fun