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Read & Download The Long Mars ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [EPUB] ✺ The Long Mars By Terry Pratchett – The third novel in Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter’s “Long Earth” series which Io9 calls “a brilliant science fiction collaboration”2040 2045 In the years after the The third novel in Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter’s “Long Earth” series which Io calls “a brilliant science fiction collaboration” In the years after the cataclysmic Yellowstone eruption there is massive economic dislocation as populations flee Datum Earth to myriad Long Earth worlds Sally Joshua and The Long PDF or Lobsang are all involved in this perilous rescue work when out of the blue. EM Forster once wrote that when it comes to fiction story is the thing that makes you ask “what happens next” while plot is the thing that makes you ask “why did that just happen”For example here's a short piece of fiction I just wrote that's full of story and devoid of plot Opening the garage door and what Johnny found thereJohnny knew he shouldn't open the garage door he knew the rumours Nobody who opened this door ever left here alive But dammit he really liked that Spongebob Suarepants balloon he'd won at the fair and he wanted it back And so tentatively he opened the garage door then gasped at what he found thereSee Story You are no doubt on the edge of your seattoilet and screaming at your laptopphone “But what happened next What becomes of Johnny Are he and his Spongebob Suarepants balloon ever reunited” Now for a plotful bit of prose that lacks in story Johnny survives the alien invasion then dies without pantsThe war was over the alien invaders defeated For all their fancy technology it turned out that ironically the aliens were not immune to having thermonuclear bombs blown up in their face Unfortunately neither was Johnny He leant back against the wreckage of the alien ship enjoying his last few breaths and without any regrets Well no regrets except one As he drew his last breath he really wished he hadn't lost his pantsSee Plot You are no doubt far back on your seattoilet “hmm”ing to yourself and stroking your chin inuisitively There's no story here no “what happens next” There is no next Johnny and the aliens are both dead But there is plot What happened to Johnny's pants It's a cheap kind of plot but I only had a few lines to work with so give me a break okay Almost every work of fiction contains a story if the reader doesn't care what happens next then they'll stop reading The only exceptions should be novels that are either awful or magnificentA novel being awful is obviously uite subjective But if you have given any novels the dreaded one star rating then chances are you didn't give a flying monkey what happened next for most if not all of the book At the other end of the spectrum are books that excel not through the reader's desire to know what happens next but to understand what has already happened books that are great because of their plotNo book can be great if it lacks both story and plot No amount of pretty writing can save a novel if the reader doesn't care what happens next nor wants to understand why things happened Which brings us to The Long Earth seriesThe first in the series was really just set up a world building exercise The authors introduced us to the eponymous Long Earth an apparently infinite chain of parallel Earths arranged all in a line and that humankind suddenly gained the ability to step between from one to the next to the next The first book is a collection of vignettes the centrepiece being a journey two million steps away away from the original Earth Then out of the blue the novel ends on a catastropheBook two is yet vignettes the centrepiece being a journey twenty million steps away from the original Earth Then out of the blue the novel ends on a catastropheGuess what happens in book threeJust as the second book in the series The Long War didn't really feature a war long or otherwise this third book The Long Mars doesn't feature a whole lot of Mars Baxter and Pratchett have come up with this amazing idea what if humanity suddenly had access to infinite land and resources And what if scientists could explore countless worlds each differing from our Earth in ever radical ways And then it's like they just don't know what to do with this idea So they keep on world building here's what the Long Earth is like a million steps away from our Earth Now ten million steps Now a hundred million and filling the rest of the pages with re hashes of their other works Baxter's fondness for alternative takes on human or humanoid evolution came through in the first two books In this third one his penchant for seeing all the ways life could evolve in the Universe in even the most extreme climes a regular from his Xeelee seuence is on show as is his fondness for exploring the future evolution of humankind view spoilerEven when it makes no sense whatsoever Our brains will evolve to be four dimensional Really hide spoiler

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Sally is contacted by her long vanished father and inventor of the original Stepper device Willis Linsay He tells her he is planning a fantastic voyage across the Long Mars and wants her to accompany him But Sally soon learns that Willis has an ulterior motive for his reuest Meanwhile U S Navy Commander Maggie Kauffman has embarked on an incredible journey of her own leading an expedition to the outer. When I saw the next 'Long' series was titled The Long Mars I immediately credited Baxter and Pratchett for at the very least taking the series places unexpected Since the mildly disappointing Long War I was somewhat geared for not so much low expectations but an assumption that Long Mars would follow a similar pattern of the majority of the book being a sort of sociological exploration with a very intense worlds changing event at the endEven with differing expectations this book unfortunately still did not stir much for me While intriguing the Mars plot simply served as a watered down repeat of the first book ie a lengthy exploration of the many Long Mars The simultaneous plot line on the long Earths seemed in fact a direct replica of Long Earth and until the character Paul appeared I was actually struggling to understand what the book was actually about this timeSPOILERS AHEAD hard to review without themThe major plot line of 'the next' a super intelligent variation on humans was uite intriguing However there was relatively little page time devoted to these guys and most of the time we just heard repeats of their origins explained to different characters in different situations I got pretty sick of hearing explanations for 'low' and 'high' bulbsThe ultimate climax a nuclear warhead threatening 'Happy Landings' was almost tense Once again you'll notice a theme here the beat fell flat when the situation was bizarrely resolved by the main characters having a debate about whether to set it off I don't think many personalities are such that they would advocate for a nuclear bomb being used to wipe out an entire subspecies even in fictionWhich brings me to my ultimate complaint the characters Only the barest development of interest occurred briefly for Lobsang our other well known folk Joshua and Agnes who surely should have had something to think about undergoing the whole transition thing seemed to just bungle along the storyline with barely a reaction to the plot let alone experiencing anything too compelling Some stuff happening for Sally but honestly who cares about herLong Earth rates as one of my most frustrating to read series I so desperately want there to be a continuation of the themes explored in book one such as the giant transparent thing or at least exploration of Joshua V or even Lobsang I suspect that I am going to be unhappy though its hard to see what the authors are hoping to achieve with the series but it doesn't seem to be working

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The Long MarsLimits of the far Long EarthFor Joshua the crisis he faces is much closer to home He becomes embroiled in the plight of the Next the super bright post humans who are beginning to emerge from their “long childhood” in the community called Happy Landings located deep in the Long Earth Ignorance and fear have caused “normal” human society to turn against the Next A dramatic showdown seems inevitabl. I enjoyed the last two volumes in this series because the characters were interesting and the ideas presented were fascinating They are strange books there is not so much of a plot to them they're like a series of fascinating ideas Stuff happens but it's like a documentation of events rather than a drama The third book carries on this style and introduces some new concepts to the Long series with an expedition to Mars and then through the Long Mars with Sally Joshua is embroiled in intrigue with children who are the new super humans that come from Happy Landings and Captain Kauffman is out on the longest Twain journey to date If you enjoyed the previous ones keep reading It's not uite as good but still very worthwhile and interesting All the ideas haven't yet been used I've got the last two volumes on my shelf and I'll be getting around to them over the summer