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Old Path White Clouds Walking in the Footsteps of the BuddhaE and teachings of Gautama Buddha over the course of eighty years It is retold alternately through the eyes of Svasti t. A great book about Buddha and Buddhism Found what I have thought scatterly about life death and human were all there in the book systematically completely perfectly Found out that Buddhism is not merely a religion but science about life

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summary Old Path White Clouds Walking in the Footsteps of the Buddha 108 Õ ⚦ [PDF] ✎ Old Path White Clouds Walking in the Footsteps of the Buddha By Thich Nhat Hanh ✶ – Drawn from original sources Old Path White Clouds is the beautiful classic recounting of the life and teachHe buffalo boy who provided kusa grass for the Buddha's enlightenment cushion Old Path PDFEPUB or and the Buddha himsel. With its ‘Four Establishments of Mindfulness the Four Right Efforts the Five Faculties the Five Powers the Seven Factors of Awakening and the Noble Eightfold Path’page 457and ‘such simple practices as the sixteen methods of observing the breath’ page 476Buddhism has always felt too intellectually demanding to appeal to me However my biggest doubt was that I was under the impression that they believed in an endlessly repeated cycle of birth death and rebirth which I couldn’t accept because even if they were right there must be at least a micro second between death and rebirth Where does that soulspirit go to in that micro second If the next world is outside of the rules of time then that micro second could be an eternity to the soulspirit that has entered it There is also the uestion of what happens to all of the soulspirits that die in mass extinctions like the First World War and its accompanying flu epidemic when there are not enough new births to accommodate them instantlyThere was no answer to my uery until page444 when Buddha says “If not how could there be a way out of birth and death” ‘A way out’ A doorway leading where He believes that there is a next worldThis is followed by such a beautiful explanation that I am sure the writer of this book will forgive me for uoting it in full“Ananda have you ever stood on a seashore and watched the waves rise and fall on the surface of the sea Birthlessness and deathlessness are like the water Birth and death are like the waves Ananda there are long waves and short waves high waves and low waves Waves rise and fall but the water remains Without water there could be no waves Waves are water water is waves Though the waves may rise and pass away if they understand that they themselves are the water they will transcend notions of birth and death They will not worry fear or suffer because of birth and death”Many years ago I had a similar realization in that we are all like droplets of water from a great lake to which we return rippling the surface with our new knowledge But this explanation by the Buddha is so simple and yet so complete Absolutely beautifulSo let’s also simplify the rest of the core of Buddha’s teachings which he gained through meditation and moments of enlightenment1 Everything is interconnected and depends on everything else in this world for its survival “When you look at a leaf or a raindrop meditate on all the conditions near and distant that have contributed to the presence of that leaf or raindrop” page 409 To which I would add see that it is also part of the water part of God2 On the way to attaining spiritual liberation ‘He said that offerings and prayers were not effective means to attain liberation’ page 232He also said “ a person who has never tasted a mango cannot know its taste no matter how many words and concepts someone else uses to describe it to him We can only grasp reality through direct experience That is why I have often told the bhikkhus monks not to lose themselves in useless discussion that wastes precious time better spent looking deeply at things” page 467 So practice meditating instead of reading about it “But if one tries too hard one will suffer fatigue and discouragementknow your own strength Don’t force your body and mind beyond their limits Only then can you attain the fruits of practice” pages 484 485Having attained these fruits Buddha gives the following advice that so many religious leaders should follow “My teaching is a means of practice not something to hold onto or worship My teaching is like a raft used to cross the river Only a fool would carry the raft around after he had already reached the other shore the shore of liberation” page 213This is a beautiful book of 572 pages where you will not only learn about the Buddha's life and journey to enlightenment but find many thought provoking statements

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Drawn from White Clouds MOBI #240 original sources Old Path White Clouds is the beautiful classic recounting of the lif. This is basically Buddha's autobiography told from his various close associates and third person perspectives Along with it his teachings are also combined in a simple understandable form If you are looking for the history of Buddha and his Sangha's early days you can pick this up