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Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ê Thomas Hardy Classic British EnglishMichael Henchard of Casterbridge ePUB #10003 is a wealthy and respected man but The Mayor PDF or he ha. “Happiness was but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain” Hardy sure was a depressing fellow As with Tess and Jude the eponymous mayor of Casterbridge in this book takes one figurative beating after another Just when you think things might be starting to look up when it seems he's found his footing and is turning his life around Hardy says nuh uh and throws another load of shit at him I know he was challenging social norms and critiuing the bourgeoisie and whatever else but good god man give these poor characters a breakMichael Henchard stands apart a little bit though because I feel unlike Tess and Jude he himself is something of an antagonist in the lives of other goodhearted and modernistic folk He is actually rather unpleasant and probably deserves a lot of what he gets which is why it's uite an achievement that Hardy makes me sympathise with him I wanted him to get better do better be better I didn't like him of course but then there are many ways I can be made to feel about characters and “like” is always the least interesting oneThe novel opens eighteen years before the main story Michael Henchard is unemployed unhappy and on the road with his wife and daughter when he stops at a fairground tent for some rum laced furmity A few bowls later and he is drunk In a moment of drunken foolishness he gets angry at his wife and declares to all present that he will sell her to the highest bidder What starts as a joke is taken too far and when a passing sailor offers him five guineas intoxication and pride make him go through with it His wife Susan takes her daughter and leaves uite gladly with the sailorThe next morning Henchard realises the horror of what he has done and makes a vow not to drink for as long as his age at that moment 21 years Eighteen years later the sailor has been lost at sea and Susan follows the trail of her true husband to the town of Casterbridge hoping he will take pity on her and her daughter There she discovers a sober well respected Michael Henchard in the mayor's seat Could this be a second chance for them bothCould it hell Sorry but this is Hardy He wasn't going to let anyone get away with anything that easily There's twists around every corner in this book He really pushes how much we can feel pity for Michael Henchard Henchard essentially orchestrates his own downfall time and again by behaving selfishly and jealously I found myself despising him at times and yet in the end I could only think Henchard you poor poor bastardI enjoyed the moral challenges and complexity the book offered I also really enjoyed the rural setting and the town of Casterbridge My least favourite part of the book was Elizabeth Jane though she got a little bearable towards the end MaybeI do have one uestion though view spoilerHow does Lucetta die She can't have been than say forty What happened to her She seems to have literally died of embarrassment 😂 hide spoiler

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Summary ´ The Mayor of Casterbridge The Life and Death of a Man of Character 102 Ñ ➹ [Reading] ➻ The Mayor of Casterbridge The Life and Death of a Man of Character By Thomas Hardy ➮ – Classic British EnglishMichael Henchard is a wealthy and respected man b S a terrible secret Twenty years ago when he was unemployed Mayor of Casterbridge Epub #226 and penniless he sold his wife to. I give it five stars because it seems nearly a perfect example of its type of craft This book has an intertwined and flawless plot that is never overcomplicated; it is full of wonderful language rich with regional variation for instance the tenor of Donald Farfrae's Scottish is exceptionally musical and not like the speech of his peers There were moments reading this book I felt so much under the sway of the author's power that I could observe him wirte himself into one tight plot corner and then another and then skillfully find his way out from all Plot plot plot There's a lot to learn here Everything they told us in graduate school started here plot springs from character; don't coddle your characters reveal their weaknesses build plot around their flaws Let their mistakes haunt their lives forever Don't get bogged down in narrative tangents The simplicity of this tale makes room for its psychological richness not the same as complexity just depth I wish I could do this In comparision to the other 19th century realists with whom Hardy is often compared Hardy it seems to me is the purest of them all He doesn't get lost in well meaning documentarian slumming as Zola did and he has less of the pathos of Wharton or James That said I prefer Wharton and James somehow their characters seem yet tragic I'm not sure why perhaps there is a teeny bit less subtely and elegance to Hardy's writing His is sure footed Anglo saxon stubborn forceful And yet with beautiful moments of authorial reflection We'll have to take a poll

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The Mayor of Casterbridge The Life and Death of a Man of CharacterA sailor Now she is Mayor of Casterbridge The Life MOBI #207 looking for him again Why And what will happen when she finds h. Thomas Hardy was a genius I know that he wrote tragedies with characters crushed by fate or their own mistakes yet there were so many twists and turns in this novel that I held out hope until the very end He had me rooting for Michael Henchard the Mayor in spite of his difficult sometimes cruel temperament I was enthralled throughout