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Read & download Þ A River Town ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ý [Download] ➸ A River Town Author Thomas Keneally – In turn of the century Australia Tim Shea supports his young family by running a general store in a remote riverside town where he finds the same hypocrisy and snobberyIn turn of the century Australia Tim Shea supports his young family by running a general store in a remote riverside town where he finds the sa. This is the tale of a reluctant hero an endearing if flawed man whose stubborn integrity is nearly his undoing Vividly conveying the spirit of the times Tom Keneally's vibrant portrait of the river town of Kempsey manifests the inescapability of human malice in a place of natural splendourfirst paragraph below;On a hot morning in the New Year a black police wagon went rolling along Kempsey's Belgrave Street from the direction of West Kemspey All of this in the valley of the Macleay on the lush and humid north coast of New South Wales The wagon attracted a fair amount of notice from the passers by and witnesses Many shopowners and customers in fact came out onto the footpaths to watch this wagon be drawn by and some of them waved mockingly at the dark barred window of the thing Tim Shea of T Shea General Store stayed behind his counter but looked out with as much fascination as anyone as the wagon passed two constables on the driver's seat and Fry the sergeant of police riding behindSome of my colonial ancestors settled in Kempsey and A River Town amply filled in the brutality and beautiful atmosphere of the times

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Isaster Capturing the spirit of the times and place this is the mesmerising tale of a flawed hero whose stubborn integrity is nearly his undoin. Australia's immigrant history is fascinating to me along with the shocking tales of convicts and their treatment A River Town tells the story of Irish immigrants struggling to make ends meet in a coastal town of New South Wales in the late 1800s As the town develops and the protagonist Tim Shea attempts to build his general store and support his growing family conflicts increase between classes and religions and Tim cannot escape the cruel politics of his new home For a historical novel Kenneally does a fine job weaving in various tragedies of the time However all the perils began to feel tedious Above all I objected to the author's condescending tone as he described Tim's travails and I wished the narrator would display empathy For Australian historic fiction I much prefer Peter Carey and Kate Grenville

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A River TownMe hypocrisy and snobbery which made him emigrate from Ireland and suffers a series of misfortunes which take A River Epubhim to the brink of d. Before picking up A River Town I hadn’t read anything by Keneally who also wrote Schildler’s List but wow he can write It was nearly impossible for me to read this book uickly the characters and locations are so well drawn that anything less than a deliberate reading seems insultingKempsey the eponymous river town is located in the Macleay river valley just inland of the east coast of Australia about 300 miles north of Sydney in New South Wales The narrative takes place in the southern hemisphere summer of 1900 as Australia seeks to become an independent commonwealth in the British empireMost non native residents of Kempsey are English or Irish immigrants and grocer Tim Shea is no exception He and his wife Kitty left Ireland seeking the better life offered in the new land The new land however has its own set of challenges even for a good man like SheaColonial Australia is committing troops to the Boer War in South Africa Shea is among those unconvinced the war is right but the pro war patriots in Kempsey take a dim view of his resistanceTim has to sort out his relationship with Bandy Habash one of the few Muslim immigrants in the Macleay valley Tim has aversions to him both involuntary—arising from British distrust of non Christian non white peoples—and willful Bandy shines an unwelcome public spotlight on Tim’s life Yet Bandy is earnest and helpful and the relationship between the two is complex and rewardingThe Shea family is another fine Keneally creation wife Kitty full of common sense and distrustful of Tim’s whimsy wild son John and deliberate daughter AnnaDead strangers orphaned children Australian politics new family members and the plague are all involved in the plot but this is not a plot driven story The characters are king and it’s lovely when Keneally sets them loose