The formation of England occurred against the odds an island divided into rival kingdoms under savage assault from Viking hordes But after King Alfred ensured the survival of Wessex and his son Edward expanded it his grandson Athelstan inherited the rule of both Mercia and Wessex conuered Northumbria and was hailed as Rex totius Britanniae 'K. The person who really defined the geographical areas of Britain for the first time I am astonished that we didn't cover his reign and those of Alfred and Edward before Athelstan in school history This is a great story well told by the author I hope someone finds the site of the battle of Brunanburh so it can take its place alongside Hastings and Bosworth and Naseby as places where people can be educated about their past The author has written the book about Athelstan that is the first in the Penguin Monarchs series showing how important Athelstan was and still is to Britain

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AthelstanFigures of the age including Alfred and his daughter Aethelflaed 'Lady of the Mercians' who brought Athelstan up at the Mercian court Making sense of the family rivalries and fractious conflicts of the Anglo Saxon rulers Holland shows us how a royal dynasty rescued their kingdom from near oblivion and fashioned a nation that endures to this d. A short video I made to coincide with my biography of Æthelstan It's about his aunt Alfred's daughter the founding mother of England Æthelflæd 1100 years ago today in Tamworth the ancient capital of Mercia that she had recaptured from the Vikings in 913 died Æthelflæd Lady of the Mercians a woman who deserves to be commemorated as the Founding Mother of England time for some viking kitties

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READ & DOWNLOAD Û Athelstan é ❰Reading❯ ➻ Athelstan Author Tom Holland – The formation of England occurred against the odds an island divided into rival kingdoms under savage assault from Viking hordes But after King Alfred ensured the survival of Wessex and his son Edward The formation of England occurred Ing of the whole of Britain'Tom Holland recounts this extraordinary story with relish and drama transporting us back to a time of omens raven harbingers and blood red battlefields As well as giving form to the figure of Athelstan devout shrewd all too aware of the precarious nature of his power especially in the north he introduces the great. No king in England’s history has been unjustly forgotten than Æthelstan This forgetting is all the poignant in that Æthelstan can reasonably claim to be the first king of England Not many other nations would flush their founder down the memory hole Washington adorns dollar bills every Roman could tell you the story of Romulus and Remus and Napoleon the founder of modern France has had books written about him than any other human being in history apart from Jesus Christ But on Æthelstan almost nothingHopefully Tom Holland’s marvellous little biography will go some way towards rescuing Æthelstan from his obscurity With all the excitement that the story deserves Holland whisks the reader back to 10th century Britain when the Northmen did not merely launch picturesue TV mini series worthy raids but embarked on expeditions of conuest; this was a country that had suffered two generations of depredations when anyone living near sea or navigable river went to sleep with the fear that they might wake to find their homes being ransacked and fired and their children being carried off into slavery For amid the revision of Vikings as romantic heroes little attention has been paid to the fact that their most valuable booty was human men women and children hauled off to be sold in the slave markets at Dublin the Viking town that stood at the nexus of the slave routes that delivered captured people to miserable new lives from which they would never returnÆthelstan following in the footsteps of his grandfather Alfred and his father Edward the Elder was a man committed to defending and instilling civilisation in the face of the barbarians For make no mistake for all their accomplishments as explorers and traders the Vikings were barbarians Three generations of the most remarkable family in English royal history had made it their lives’ work to first defend and then to reconuer England and Æthelstan stood at the summit and consummation of this extraordinary familial endeavour Then when all seemed accomplished all was thrown into doubt when the kings of the Vikings of the Scots and of Strathclyde united against him The ensuing battle Brunanburgh was ‘the battle’ for a hundred years the battle that ensured that England would be England and not dismembered Read Holland’s book and marvel at the scale of Æthelstan’s accomplishments and how much we have to be grateful to him for