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Free read Æ Batman Volume 5 102 æ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Batman Volume 5 Author Tom King – When Catwoman accepted Batman's marriage proposal she changed lives than just Bruce Wayne's and Selina Kyle's A union between the World's Greatest Detective and one of Gotham City's fiercest criminals When Catwoman accepted Batman's marO old demons he'd long hoped to leave behindNow Batman and Catwoman are on a uest for redemption a mission deep into a forbidden desert fortress to evolve into Batman Volume ePUB #10003 something better before they say I do Standing in their way is well everybody including Batman's lethal ex girlfriend Talia al GhulFrom desert sands to boardwalk lights will the Bat and th. “Meow”Wow Okay I’m a year late as so many of y’all have read this but it is really really good Yes “Rules for Engagement” is an actually funny and well written story about the brooding Batman’s engagement to Catwoman So the joke is that with an engagement comes certain “rules” that must be followed Bat takes Cat to visit his ex Talia al Ghul leading to a sword fight between the two women; Bat of course has to tell his kid he is getting married leading to fun scuffling between Damian and Nightwing Later Superman and Lois double date with Cat and Bat will Superman be the best man to celebrate the engagement but when girls and boys talk separately they seriously uestion the sanity of this move The volume concludes with an imagined future tale where we see the couple grow old together It’s all very very goodNo battles with villains and yet this is a five star story Yep this works as a character driven volume drawn gorgeously by Joelle Jones Damian is reading The Lady Killer Murders of 1961 pointing to Jones’ own Lady Killer nice touch and then she gets her own Catwoman run And yes Batman actually smiles a couple times in this one True Great dialogue and art Yes you can read this as a stand alone volume if you normally dislike Batman and prefer romance Very memorable and yes it was coming for decades this engagement between the cat burglar and the crime fighter Good times

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When Catwoman accepted Batman's marriage proposal she changed lives than just Bruce Wayne's and Selina Kyle's A union between the World's Greatest Detective and one of Gotham City's fiercest criminals is a shake up that will rattle everyone in the Dark Knight's life from the young vigilantes who make up his surrogate family to his legendary friends in the Justice League t. The Bat finally popped the uestion to the Cat and now they’re getting hitched Which means Bruce has gotta do the banal things many single fathers do when they remarry meet with the ex have a talk with his kid about his new soon to be stepmother and break the happy news to his friends But Bruce is not an ordinary person so these tasks inevitably involve taking on a small army of silent soldiers breaking UN agreements and sword fighting in the desert with a lunatic Which do you prefer your Batman comics to be character or plot driven Ideally both right Well if it’s plot driven then you might not enjoy Batman Volume 5 The Rules of Engagement as there’s barely any attempt at a story this is unabashedly all about the characters And this one in particular is a unicorn it’s all about the feels I know cold stoic Batman and emotions R r romance Oh my god It’s so good I’m gonna stop underestimating Tom King’s Batman series Against all of my expectations because I haven’t cared for any of his other highly acclaimed comics The VisionOmega MenThe Sheriff of Babylon it’s been really really amazing so far despite the overlongmediocre last volume The War of Jokes and Riddles And somehow it’s only gotten better five books in I know I rolled my eyes too when I heard Batman and Catwoman were getting married Oh that’ll last Oh here come the gimmicks getting desperate now King Y’know what even if it doesn’t last and it probably won’t this book is still fan bloody tastic King writes a really amusing Talia al Ghul as she reacts to Bruce and Selina’s nuptials by giving them swords and attacking them Blunt arrogant elegant and deadly he absolutely nailed her character And the spectacular Joelle Jones draws it all so damn beautifully with swirling confident lines piercing facial expressions and mesmerising body language I wish she was a regular on Batman And I liked the cheeky bit of self promotion she threw in Damian’s reading a book called The Lady Killer Murders of 1961 a nod to Jones’ ‘60s set Dark Horse series Lady Killer which is an absolutely brilliant comic I love how King writes Damian here Like father like son he’s standoffish but he’s also a kid and he’s obviously conflicted about what’s going on That’s why I loved how Dick is there for him like a big brother should be waiting outside with him while Talia’s rages at Bruce inside Dick and Damian are still the best damn Batman and Robin there ever was and I really appreciate King continuing to build these characters’ friendship long after that partnership ended The Superfriends two parter is definitely the standout of the book Bruce finally sees Clark and they decide to go on an adorbs couples double date Bruce Selina Clark Lois to a fair with a superhero theme and decide to dress as each other Bruce goes as Superman Clark as Bats Lois as Cats and Selina as sexpot It’s such good fun watching Clark and Bruce’s batting cage rivalry and Lois and Selina swigging from a hipflask and bonding It’s King’s laconic almost singsong in its repetitious call and answer style dialogue that makes it work Bruce uipping that the Bat symbol stands for bats Lois and Selina giggling over their mens’ abs Bruce saying that he’ll need to kick a bunch of trees to work off the fair food and Lois wondering why anyone would kick a tree it’s a Year One reference The love boat panels made me laugh seeing Clark and Lois emerging cutely hand in hand and then Bruce and Selina coming out Selina crawling all over BruceThe book closes out with an overview of Bruce and Selina’s tempestuous courtship King’s BatmanElmer Fudd artist Lee Weeks draws this story with a nod to their previous collab as Catwoman crashes the Batmobile into Porky’s Bar Weeks’ art always looks good but it’s particularly eye catching here there’s a lot of dramatic perspective shifts from intimate close ups to cinematic pull backs and a remarkable use of light and shadow Michael Lark I know this book has all the best artists draws the final story which is 100% pure schmaltz And I didn’t care It was a fine way to round out a book all about love You can nitpick this book if you want Batman and Catwoman rescuing Holly Robinson the woman who killed 237 people which Selina took the blame for just happens to be sheltering with Talia Al Ghul It’s pure contrivance designed just to get the Bat Cat and Talia together to do their thing Superman getting upset that Batman was breaking UN sanctions against Khadym was pointless as there were no conseuences to it Would Selina really best Talia in a swordfight And Selina’s “meeeow” ing gets old fast They’re small criticisms though that don’t affect the overall themes of the book derail what’s happening or take away from my enjoyment of it And I really enjoyed this one it’s so much fun King nails the characters gives them terrific dialogue concocts very amusing scenes with them and has one amazing artist after another visually bring it to vivid life Like I said if you don’t care that much about the characters and you prefer story heavy books this one probably won’t do much for you But Batman is my dude and if he means as much to you as he does to me then it doesn’t get much better than Batman Volume 5 The Rules of Engagement Right well best start shopping for a top hat the wedding’s right round the corner I wonder if Superman’s gonna be the best man what would a Superman stag night look like Probably sweaters and board games Let’s hope Jason Todd is in charge of that detail

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Batman Volume 5E Cat's search lead them to happiness at lastFind out in Batman Vol Rules of Engagement a major new chapter in the lives of the Dark Knight and his feline fiancée from the acclaimed creative team of Tom King Mister Miracle and Joëlle Jones Supergirl Being Super with guest artists Clay Mann and Lee Weeks Collects Batmanand the critically acclaimed tale from Batman Annual. Who has the patience to wait until May to read the new Batman volume by Tom King Certainly not me So I got the single issues and read them all at onceAfter the brilliant thriller that was The War of Jokes and Riddles Tom King is taking it slow with Rules of Engagement There are no super villains big schemes crazy explosions or anything like that in this volume It's just pure unadulterated character piece and it's perfect Tom King is phenomenal with literally every single character in this book from all of the Robins to Bruce to Selina to Clark Kent and Lois Lane So the relationship between the Bat and the Cat grows deeper and stronger and I love it It feels weird to admit it but I have rarely ever been this invested in a relationship between two fictional characters — the last time that happened to me it was Root and Shaw on Jonathan Nolan's wonderful Person of Interest TV show and my soul still hurts a bit from how that played out King also toyed with my sappy heart in this volume with Annual #2 an outstanding issue that almost brought me to tearsBut it's not all relationships and melodrama here in the Rules of Engagement There's also bromance Clark and Bruce Supes and Bats When it's done right they have the best bromance in comics and it's definitely done right here Tom King just gets both their characters so well so of course his Batman and Superman are perfect buddies There is a whole excellent issue #37 here which sends Clark Bruce Selina and Lois on a double date with an awesome twist and it may easily be one of the best single issues of the last year It makes me ache for Tom King's Superman book in any possible form Please DC people pretty please It would be the best present for Supes your best and most important character on his 80th birthday He deserves itTom King jumps from strength to strength with his Batman run and Rules of Engagement is yet another incredible success It took me a while to get into his run but now I honestly don't remember the last time I was enjoying Batman comics that much I am one happy fan