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Korparna Summary ¹ 106 · [KINDLE] ❅ Korparna ❦ Tomas Bannerhed – Helpyouantib.co.uk Småland in den 70er Jahren Vögel sind Klas‘ Leidenschaft er ist ein Vogelbeobachter Ihr Flug ist für ihn wie eine Verheißung von Freiheit tage und nächtelang hält er nach ihnen Ausschau lausch Småland in den er Jahren Vögel sind Klas‘ LeidenscU lauscht ihren Rufen Klas liebt die Vögel weil er so wenigstens für kurze Zeit der schweren Feldarbeit und seinem schwierigen zunehmend irrer werdenden Vater entfliehen kann Klas soll sp?. The world of literature is littered with “coming of age” stories And to be perfectly honest they’re not really something that floats my boat awkward kid coming to terms with independence discovering the attractions of the opposite or same sex feeling isolated from their parents in my mind they’re a dime a dozen We’ve even had the wonderful Peirene Press dedicate a whole year to putting out a “coming of age” series and “The Dead Lake” from that series also made this year’s Independent Foreign Fiction Prize longlistOnto “The Ravens” a Swedish coming of age story about Klas “a work shy boy who’s hardly the gilt on the gingerbread” Klas is intrigued and passionate about the birds on the family farm and the exotic locations they migrate to than becoming the next in line to work the soil He is twelve years of age and it’s high time he started working with his father on the landFor my full review go to

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?ter einmal den Hof übernehmen Aber seine Träume sehen anders aus Er sucht die Einsamkeit der Wälder und begeistert sich für die Eleganz von Raben Spricht das für seinen eigenenen Irrsi. Swedish author Tomas Bannerhed's debut novel The Ravens is a description heavy book centering around the nature of the Swedish countryside and the plight of a poor mentally ill farmer in the 70s and his struggle to keep his farm afloat and family together The story is told from the perspective of his adolescent son Klas The premise grabbed me but the storyline is drowning beneath the excessive details of this plant that bird that tree etc Bannerhed's prose at times shines but there is just far too much of it The sheer amount of description and a feeling of the story going nowhere under the amount of words it is under makes for a pretty boring book

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KorparnaSmåland in den er Jahren Vögel sind Klas‘ Leidenschaft er ist ein Vogelbeobachter Ihr Flug ist für ihn wie eine Verheißung von Freiheit tage und nächtelang hält er nach ihnen Ausscha. From my blog poor farming family in Sweden tries to cope with the father's rapidly increasing mental illness especially his anxieties about losing their crops and animals Meanwhile his young teenage son Klas feels stifled by the expectation that he will take over the farm when he's old enough Klas is very intelligent and would like to do anything other than farming but he is wracked with guilt over his dislike for the family occupation He finds solace in reading about and experiencing the natural world especially in birdwatching But as his father sinks deeper into depression will Klas be able to adeuately cope with the familial pressures and guilt that he encountersThe father in The Ravens has severe mental illness primarily anxiety and depression but with obsessive compulsive behaviors as well He continuously worries about whether the crops will grow if they will be able to harvest everything appropriately if a biblical swarm of locusts will appear and bring the farm to ruin He is unable to relax even turning down the opportunity to go swimming with his family after the work is done He cannot sleep He fights with his wife and ignores his children because his anxieties do not let him focus on anything elseEverything bad that happens no matter how insignificant is seen as a major crisis one that he is just not prepared to deal with When my anxiety was at its worst I felt the same every other day there was a new crisis in my life from getting a cold to having to write a paper to having an argument with Tintin It is not only terrifying but also absolutely exhausting especially when you are unable to sleep or relax because of the overriding anxiety that is filling your brainOne of the most poignant images in this book is the father curling into a fetal position and whimpering completely overwhelmed after his younger son accidentally hits him in the head with a potato while they were harvesting This happens after he returns from the psychiatric hospital when he is beginning to heal After I began treatment I often felt the same thing If anything went wrong anything at all I would curl up in bed or in Tintin's lap feeling completely unable to deal with life Once Tintin told me to watch where I was walking and I got so upset about the suggestion that I wasn't watching where I was walking that I went home and cried The brick pavement where we were walking was falling apart Anxiety takes away your self confidence and leaves you feeling like you are incapable of handling anything that might happenFather's obsessive compulsive actions are a non productive way to cope with his anxieties In what is surely a symbolic description as well as an example of a real behavior he spends much of his time arranging bits of rusty metal scrap He collects these pieces from the abandoned scrap piles on the farm cuts them into small pieces and arranges them in an order that only makes sense to himself These actions cut him off from his family especially because much of this activity takes place in the middle of the night and are physically self destructive his hands are cut and torn by the rusty pieces of metal but he doesn't seem to notice or careLike most people this family doesn't know how to cope with the father's mental illness The mother tries to coax him into doing things that would lessen his anxiety such as going swimming He refuses to listen anxiety makes you feel unable to do anything except worry When he gets to a bad enough state including having hallucinations of ravens they take him to get professional care If you are in a similar situation this is the best thing to do The stress of dealing with a loved one who is being tormented by such terrible anxiety can lead the caregivers to also develop mental health problems A large part of Klas's anxieties are a result of dealing with his father's illnessLike me Klas is the black sheep of his family and he feels very guilty about it The family's assumption is that Klas will take over the farm for the next generation but he has no interest in doing so He is very intelligent and wants to do something else In fact farm work is somewhat repulsive to him So he avoids helping out and tries to focus on his studies and his interest in wildlife especially birds At the same time he believes that his family is right he should be helping on the farm he should want to take over from his father He feels flawed and helpless because he does not have any interest in doing so And even when he reluctantly helps out he feels inadeuate because he does not do He is also extremely socially isolated The friends that he has are mean to him and don't understand him at all They don't even try to understand him When Veronika a new girl comes into town he is excited because she may be interested in birdwatching with him While this is channeled into an infatuation the main thing that attracts him is that she presents an opportunity to not be alone It turns out that she doesn't have any interest in wildlife leaving Klas disappointedSo where does Klas channel his energies When I was in a similar situation in elementary school I buried myself in science fiction and fantasy novels as a coping mechanism Similarly Klas is obsessed with studying and observing birds It seems that he uses this interest to avoid situations that would cause anxiety rather than hanging out with the bullies from school he spends his time in the woods alone If his parents are arguing he can try to focus all of his attention on the book in front of him While this is a productive coping mechanism it serves to isolate him even Klas finds it difficult to deal with his father's mental illness The stigma in the community makes it harder than ever to be social with others and spending time with his family just causes him anxiety In addition Klas feels pressured to take over the workings of the farm at a very young age That prospect has always loomed in the distant future but his father's illness makes it urgent Since this is completely opposite of his personality he feels a terrible amount of stress about the possibility There are indications that his father felt the same way which if true is a possible source of his mental illnessAs the father's condition worsens Klas begins to exhibit some self destructive tendencies as a coping mechanism Once he runs away from home to live in the woods in a tent It is unclear how long he stayed there as he purposely eats a poisonous mushroom to see what would happen and ends up violently ill Self harm like this is an indication that the pressures were causing him to develop greater anxiety issues and at the end of the book he probably needs therapy