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O’Hara continues her gripping paranormal saga of shapeshifters vampires werewolves and darkest magic with Sin’s Dark Caress as an NYPD Detective joins forces with a p. It has been a while since I have read something in the Urban Fantasy genre and I've missed it Having read Night's Cold Kiss and Death's Sweet Embrace last year I jumped at the opportunity to read Sin's Dark Caress as part of the AWW Australian Women Writers challenge I am participating in and was uickly drawn back into O'Hara's dark fantasy worldForensic witch Dr Bianca Sin features in this installment called in by NYPD homicide detective Lancelot McManus when young women are found brutally murdered an infant ripped from their womb and the Dark Brethren's mark painted nearby in blood While the FBI blame a black market baby ring McManus Bianca and Oberon's team know that there is something much sinister happening I enjoyed the plot of Sin's Dark Caress which blends action mystery and magic with a touch of romance There tends to be a fair bit of grisly violence in the story but it supports the gritty tone of the series While the last two books in this series veered towards paranormal romance Sin's Dark Caress is properly urban fantasy The relationship between Bianca and McManus is an aside rather than central to the story though O'Hara does ensure the romantic tension between the pair remains present throughout Bianca has appeared briefly in other installments of this series as a member of Oberon's elite team She is a forensic specialist and also a witch but has never bonded with a familiar a necessary process for a witch to come into full power In Sin's Dark Caress her powers are activated when her pendant hatches to reveal a dragon Kedrax Dragons are the first guardians of the veil between this world and the dimension where the Dark Brethren are trapped and Bianca's new power along with McManus's surprising birthright are crucial in preventing their escapeSin's Dark Caress is a fast paced read with plenty of action exciting twists and strong characters With its mix of murder mayhem and magic I think its the strongest book of the three and though it could work as a stand alone I would recommend reading the previous installments

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Sin's Dark CaressHeir world Sin’s Dark Caress is supernatural suspense combined with a captivating love story that will appeal eually to dark fantasy lovers and fans of paranormal roman. Review originally posted on my blog A Book ObsessionAs a forensic witch Sin sees a lot of horrible nasty things but her latest case may just be the worst Girls are being torn apart as their unborn children are ripped from their wombs by the darkest magic They carry the mark of the Dark Brethren the darkest force imaginable She partners up with her longtime friend detective McManus and a special ops task force to get to the bottom of these brutal rituals before the unimaginable happens and the Brethren are released unto this world wreaking death horrors and destruction Failure is not an optionI really love Sin's character She's considered the least of her peers as she was never able to bond to a familiar so she tries to avoid the politics surrounding her kind Think high society with magical powers In fact this lack actually lessened the standing of her family something that is very important in Witch culture Yet she never once shows an inferiority complex and she puts her entire heart and soul into her job I really admire the way she found a way to work with her limited powers to help others Of course the power situation changes pretty early on in the story as events unfurl I've always loved books that have an awakening of some sort where the character goes from the weakest to strongest I think the time spent being lesser gives the character a uniue perspective and apt to use the power responsibly when the time comes Based on what I've seen no one is capable and deserving than SinI was rather frustrated with the lack of any real romance in Sin's Dark Caress especially considering the much larger role it played in the previous installments Sin and McManus had tried the whole intimacy thing in the past and claimed it was incredibly awkward so they abandoned that idea to just be good friends Yet despite that there still was a spark between them and I just think there were several missed opportunities for their relationship to have been expanded on Granted McManus has had a very rough life and has good reasons for distrusting Witches as his past haunts him He has multiple vices of addictions that are slowly destroying him so he isn't really in the best of places for a relationship That being said the one constant in his life is Sin and I think in time she could help him overcome his addictions and past We were given glimpses of that potential with a kiss here and there but nothing really substantial Unfortunately if this series continues the trend of changing character focuses we won't get to see that growth and change which is really disappointing The beginning of Sin's Dark Caress was rather slow but once things got in motion they took off with a bang almost but not uite to the point of chaos I would have preferred a even pacing but that didn't hinder my reading experience as much as my frustration with the lack of romantic development Honestly I don't mind a slow romantic build up when the series continues with the same characters but as we probably won't directly see these two together I feel rather let down That being said the rest of Sin's Dark Caress was pretty solid and definitely worth the time spent So if you enjoy Urban Fantasy and don't mind the lack of romance then Sin's Dark Caress should largely appeal to you

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Read & Download Sin's Dark Caress Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ [EPUB] ✴ Sin's Dark Caress ✷ Tracey OHara – O’Hara continues her gripping paranormal saga of shapeshifters vampires werewolves and darkest magic with Sin’s Dark Caress as an NYPD Detective joins forces with a powerful foOwerful forensic witch to investigate a rash Sin's Dark eBook #189 of gruesome murders that plagues the city hoping to prevent an ancient insidious evil from reentering t. Favorite Lines Bianca followed him back to the body and dropped to a suat Dark blond hair was tacky with drying blood that pooled around the dead girl's head and her lower abdomen was just an empty cavity p 6 egalleyTracey O'Hara's Dark Brethren series gets better with each book I didn't fall in love with book one Night's Cold Kiss It was okay but I didn't really think about it after I read it Book two Death's Sweet Embrace felt like a totally different series I read it uickly connected with some parts of the story and was entertained by the mystery Sin's Dark Caress is even better because it brings something I love It is dark Not horror dark but heavier than the average romance Evil permeates its pages but it never lets you forget you are reading a romance You may want to read the first two books in the series before jumping into Sin's Dark CaressCharacters Almost all the characters are intentionally or unintentionally hiding something Some don't know on a molecular level who they are Others are transitioning Change is not always good and there is plenty of change happening in book three of the Dark Brethren seriesWe met vampires and animalians shifters in the first two books In Sin's Dark Caress we get to know witches and the fae Other paranormals are still around but the focus of the book is witches We also get to see the birth of a battle between good and evil Sin's Dark Caress feels like the start of a new chapter for the series The first two books had things in common but for the most part they brought up a case solved it and ended with a couple finding love At the end of book three I feel like future books will consistently get darker as the characters attack a worse and worse evil I also expect to learn about a couple of mobsters that intrigued me in Sin's Dark Caress