CHARACTERS ✓ The New Girl Webster Grove #1

CHARACTERS The New Girl Webster Grove #1

CHARACTERS ✓ The New Girl Webster Grove #1 ß ❴Epub❵ ➟ The New Girl Webster Grove #1 Author Tracie Puckett – The FIRST in a FIVE PART seriesSeventeen year old Steph has her heart set on a new beginning for the eleventh time A move to Webster Grove introduces her to a new school new friends Ces her to a new school new friends and new experiences including a few tender glances from her sexy English teacher After signing up for a costuming position on the sc. I'm not really sure what to think of this story I mean it is a teacher and student whichI don't know about Plus the story just ended No lead up to an ending or lead up to a cliffhanger it just stopped like the author just took a break and said eh that is good enough It does make me curious as to where the next story starts but I don't know if I will read it

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Hool production of Romeo and Juliet co directed by none other than the gorgeous Mr Rivera Steph soon learns the difficulties of withstanding the pursuit of forbidden lov. nope just nomom setting her up with a teacherand not caring about the age differencethe teacher clearly pushing when Steph is nervous about his advances ugh


The New Girl Webster Grove #1The FIRST in a FIVE PART Girl Webster Epub #220 seriesSeventeen year old Steph has her heart set on a new beginning for the eleventh time A move to Webster Grove introdu. Abcdef or Steph has been moving around the country for as long as she can remember Her mom is basically a maniac running from an old boyfriend that isn't even after her any And have you seen what she named her childThis time she ends up in a small town called Webster Grove Sounds like the name of a Dictionary to me where she'll attend a new high school with new people She isn't new to this though It's an annual routine nowadaysBut there's something new waiting for her at her new high school Her teacher MrRivera is the hottest teacher to ever walk the planet Abcdef's words Not mineAnd hey don't worry It doesn't turn into erotica here This is a young adult novel after allAfter admiring MrRivera from a distance for awhile Steph finds out something completely weird Someday if her whack job mother accepts the marriage proposal given by his brother they might end up being relatedThey're spending lots of time together now and it's kind of unhealthy and creepy to the average onlooker because it seems like there's something going on between them Something fishyBut look on the bright side MrRivera who's first name is Alexander isn't 3 million years old like most teachers He's only 22 And Abcdef's 17 5 year difference In my opinion that isn't too terribleFate is definitely connecting the hot teacher and the girl named after the first few letters of the alphabet What will happen if there's some kind of tension between them What if there's something than just a teacherstudent relationship rising to the surface What the hellTHE BAD THINGS ABOUT THIS BOOK There weren't really many bad things about this book I was kind of indifferent about the whole thing so the things I'm about to list are just little minor flaws okayThe cover looks cheap This is stupid but it wouldn't look good on my 2014 Favorites shelf which is the featured one on my page And I was considering putting it on there because this book was very cute and fun If you think about it that's a really great compliment I've read plenty of books so far this year and only 7 have made it onto my favorites shelfI really love casual writing style But this was TOO casual When I was in elementary school my favorite books were the ones with low vocabulary innocent romance and extremely casual writing style But now that I'm older And I've experienced other amazing writers that don't publish for middle grade authors My expectations have been raised and advanced The plot was definitely NOT something I'd read in the past but the style it's written in isAND HERE ARE THE THINGS I ACTUALLY LIKED ABOUT THE BOOK This book was YA Not full of sex and kinky shit I don't think I can express through words how thankful I am that Tracie Puckett didn't turn this into some kind of erotic novel The plot of the book is already almost too sexy or hot or whatever on it's own And scenes like that between a teenager and a teacher A minor and an adult Yuck AND ILLEGALThe story didn't drag out too long It ended at a perfect time I've been reading a lot of books lately where I read a page and I'm all ready to sigh in content as I close the book but then a whole 'nother 4 chapters come after it This usually takes off at LEAST one star from the rating but this book didn't have that The timing was perfect No flaws with thatThe relationship between MrRivera and Abcdef was cute Not a turn on or steamy This is really similar to my first point but it's a little different The relationship between the two was completely friendly and casual You could tell there was something going on between them but in a cute wayFrom the summary of this booky'know the whole Teacher and student thingwell you'd think it was hot and sexy and steamy I said this earlier; but this whole book was really cute and adorableSomething to read on a boring rainy day y'knowThis was free but the seuels They aren't And this really bothers me Because I'm under 18 and if I ask to borrow my parents' credit card they'll find out I'm reading a romance between a teacher and a studentAnd then they'll jump to conclusions And kill me I cannot handle that kind of embarrassment SomedaysomehowI will get my hands on the seuel