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read mobi ↠ Implementing Domain ☆ Driven Design â vaughn vernon ✓ [KINDLE] ✾ Implementing Domain-Driven Design By Vaughn Vernon – Implementing Domain Driven Design presents a top down approach to understanding domain driven design DDD in a way that fluently conOr takes you far beyond “DDD lite” approaches that embrace DDD solely as a technical toolset and shows you how to fully leverage DDD’s “strategic design patterns” using Bounded Context Context Maps and the Ubiuitous Language Using these techniues and examples you can reduce time to market and improve uality as you build software that is flexible scalable and tightly aligned to business goal This book was so terrible and painful to read that I almost forgot to write a review and tell why I disliked this I think that Alessandro’s review reflects exactly what I felt reading this “big ball of mud”

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Implementing Domain Driven Design presents a top down approach to understanding domain driven design DDD in a way that fluently connects strategic patterns to fundamental tactical programming tools Vaughn Vernon couples guided approaches to implementation with modern architectures highlighting the importance and value of focusing on the business domain while balancing technical considerationsBuilding It's good but it was supposed to be betterFirst it doesn't repeat the basics from the Blue Book that's a proSecond it extends the DDD content by some ideas that appeared in DDD lingo after Blue Book appeared like Domain Events that's a pro as wellThird it contains a very VERY good appendix about event sourcing that's a big proBut the majority of content is a bit unconvincing you can't feel much of the value added Examples are said to mimick RL but they don't seem really challenging uite the opposite and the code formatting in Kindle version is AWFULWould I recommend this booka To someone who hasn't read the Blue Book Hellnoes go get the Blue Book nowb To someone who has read the Blue Book Well if BB left you puzzled and confused go for it Otherwise you can grab it for Event Sourcing appendix but in general it won't rock your worldOne final remark will this book teach you how to make good models if you're fresh'n'green in design stuff Not likely as the challenges and situations described in the book have to be encountered in RL first so you get a basic idea what the fuss is about IMHO

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Implementing Domain Driven DesignOn Eric Evans’ seminal book Domain Driven Design the author presents practical DDD techniues through examples from familiar domains Each principle is backed up by realistic Java examples–all applicable to Implementing Domain Driven PDF C developers–and all content is tied together by a single case study the delivery of a large scale Scrum based SaaS system for a multitenant environmentThe auth DDD Masterworks the Red Book checkLet me first start with a list of the book's failingsFirst off I can't see anyone taking in everything that this book has to offer without first going through the Blue Book collouial name for Eric Evans's seminal DDD book and let's be honest that one can be a tough nut to crack and people can get stuck reading it guilty as charged had to return to it and start from the beginning half a year laterSecondly I wish the author took his own advice on defining what constitutes a Bounded Context and applied it to his writing in a lot of chapters especially the first ones there's an overflow of words a piling of whole paragraphs that don't do enough or much to clarify the concepts and the matter at hand They're waffle whose purpose is either to reiterate what has already been said to illustrate something that needs no further illustration or to in later chapters make you feel like you were a part of SaasOvation's decision makingbrainstorming meetings Granted the last one was interesting and easy to read but still felt like a bit of a waste of both paper and timeFinally some parts of the book haven't aged well there's a lot of attention being given to ORM in general and Hibernate in particular but that's understandable seeing the original publication date That being said I've enjoyed the book uite a bit and found it much easier to take in than its blue predecessor and I'm not ashamed to admit that there were several ohhh and aha moments concerning concepts that felt a bit vague and abstract in EE's DDD workChoosing collaboration and project management domains for the examples and telling the tale of a software team practicing DDD at a company working in those domains was a bullseye one of the drawbacks of the Blue Book was that sometimes the domains of the examplew were too foreign to me to follow the DDD talk effortlessly so I first had to put in an effort to understand the business sense and then see how DDD made implementing that easier Here the domain was easy to follow since most of us software folks use similar tools on a daily basis or have used them before so there's no learning curvecognitive tax to pay in order to see what the examples were designed to make us see And making the examples easy to see and follow meant that the point was also easier to get across and sell not that it needed much selling All in all a pretty useful practical and even a tad bit enlightening read and one that I will definitely be returning to in days to come