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READ ☆ Never Call It Love º ➹ [Read] ➵ Never Call It Love By Veronica Jason ➼ – A blazing love that was born in smoldering hateWhen beautiful young Elizabeth Montlow lost her innocence it was not on a night of romantic dreams It was in an act of savage violence by a man seeking v A blazing love that was bornIs brutal beginning came an all consuming passion that would take Elizabeth from the sheltered eighteenth century English countryside to a lonely manor in Ireland where she was forced to share her man with his ravishing and ruthless mistress. Never Call It LoveVeronica JasonWarning Never call Never Call It Love love OK Don't fixate and presume this is a conveniently complex romance It's not I was previously prepared by other reviews to not mistake that and I'd be set So what aspects of the novel encouraged a 4 rating on my partSometimes in romance or historical fiction or even bodice rippers you have this chaotic two paired up who are the least compatible people in mind for a HEA Eventually that pair resolves their Princess Illusion™ or perhaps their Rape Wagon fancies and just maybe they're able to compromise through endless pages of resolving dysfunctions to collectively soothe the reader into the idea that those two made it The endless drudgery globe trotting and spritely dancing about those pesky mundane ualities of normal relationships and begin to grate on ones nerves because you've grown accustomed to its fallout and want the whole blasted thing to at least veer into a remotely amendable stage In a great variety of my HF history this happens Bodice rippers will uestion your reader's relatability and eventually ease that foot off your jugular but it happens on its own accord When circumstances become difficult to read or dwell on endless unpleasantryyou're prepared for a long overdue reprieve and it's a safeguard of sorts Eventually even bodicerippers seemingly get better Never Call it Love never uite did get better or worse either It maintained its same unhinged tempo for pretty much the majority of the book Approximately 70% through I lifted my head and realized both parties were practically still in love or infatuated with their former lovers prior to their arrangement and despite the initial domestic violence it was basically less confrontational for the remainder of the novel itself Call me a dysfunctional chit with no communication skills but I'm firm in believing in fighting; well disassociating that with true someone's gonna get hurt reaaaal bad violence arguing could be a better honest alternative Viciously maiming your loved ones not so much nor do I encourage testing out those throwing knives on your old man or better yet flexing wife beater beer belly in your that bitch is crazzzy direction albeit fairly breaking down barriers even in high volumes can be effective in a sense What of Elizabeth and Patrick Our two conflicting characters When the ability to charge through those unspoken barriers came to a head they simply found their corner and sent brooding glares across the way toward one another This transpired over YEARS and YEARS of gallivanting across the world Elizabeth was the ideal calm and cool minded rigidly regal English lady who despite the bedroom pick me ups I felt deserved to at least have been a closet alcoholic or promiscuous heroine I was awaiting her to all out open fire on Patrick with those guns he used her inheritance to purchase or have his balls trampled by a New World stampede I was seriously on edge with her complacency and felt like slipping her a cutter's knife to release some of the cats cradle of endorphins she had cooked up because I believe Jason left some of the character refinement as an afterthought but in the same instance she also left breathing room for each character too Villains were believable emotionally crippled beings whose inherently wicked tyrannical plans weren't immediately revealed in word count fashionI also felt that whilst as a reader I was aware of the unavowed feelz exchanged between the two; the persons who would have benefited so from the revelation were never truly vocalized and used to capitulate the two lovers into resolved matters Why's this important to me to remark on Because Jason refused to write herself into a corner and that defiance is admirable I suppose I dwell into a certain this is how it should go mentality and the contempt from being denied kind of mollified my personal grudge and I reflected that this mutual ending benefited the story afterall Truthfully though when would either of them had time to reveal their loving sentiments As said earlier 70% of the book kept those two busy pining over lost loves or a bootycall and neither of them fell fast and hard for the other because of proximity and you're in my bed Despite their availability and martial bonds of these two they still kept rooted in their former lives regardless their predicament Jason didn't introduce Patrick as a means to simply get over her former lifelong love I mean that could have likely been difficult as is considering Patrick's actions to influence their marriage albeit so many writers use it as a staple for throwing the Hh into nest eggin'By the ending I had concluded that the wrap up and plotline of side characters came tumbling so overwhelmingly in the summit of things I honestly believed some of the deflective characters would have persisted because Jason seemed to graft them out of a tangible everyday persona that which could be tolerated overallPS Patrick's Colin was Sean's Liam Trollface


A blazing love that was born in smoldering hateWhen beautiful young Elizabeth Montlow Never Call eBook #202 lost her innocence it was not on a night of romantic dreams It was in an act of savage violence by a man seeking vengeanceYet from th. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestAn acuaintance caught me reading this today and said What is that I had the cover face down because I was a little self conscious So I said Well okay this is a little embarrassing but I collect romance novels from the 70s and 80s And I flinched internally because so many people are like Oh that's interesting in that way you know means I'm on to you crazy romance cat lady But they were actually interested and asked to see the cover and paged through it while I explained about how romance novels have changed over the last few decades and instead of you know asking Why do you read these books they said it was a cool hobbyBODICE RIPPERS ARE A COOL HOBBY YOU GUYSNo but this made me so happy because romance novels are so scorned and bodice rippers are scorned even and I get why a lot of people don't like them because they aren't PC and contain a lot of dark and upsetting content But at the same time they often have very rich and intricate plots and soapy drama and some surprisingly good historical research with little details that actually hold up with a bit of light fact checking via Google I love modern historical romances too but there are very few books being published now that are like these and whether they're good or bad it's fun to dissect the tropes and the problematic elements MST3K style WARNING SPOILERSNEVER CALL IT LOVE is an odd duck It kind of reminded me of a cross between Amanda York's BELOVED ENEMY and Christine Monson's STORMFIRE but it lacks the classical wtfery that is typical of books in these genres The story is about an Irish man named Patrick and an English woman named Elizabeth Patrick's young ward is raped and then killed by a Hellfire Club like group lead by Elizabeth's sociopathic little brother He lies to his mother and his sister about his alibi so Elizabeth defends him in court and pays for him to escape England aboard a ship In revenge Patrick rapes Elizabeth She gets pregnant and he marries her because he's a man of honor or something and actually now that I think about it I reaaalllly hope that my acuaintance didn't read that part when they were paging through this book OMG and Patrick and Elizabeth go to Ireland where she meets his staff and his disabled bastard half brother ColinSpoiler Everyone falls over in a dead faint over the awesomeness that is Elizabeth Patrick is all about liberating Ireland and he's gotten involved in smuggling too and since he's still miffed at Elizabeth he often goes off to do rebellion related things or else sleep with his mistress Moira Ashley who he would have married if Elizabeth hadn't entered the picture Meanwhile Elizabeth's brother Christopher gallivants around France wrapping those French women around his murderous little finger and even manages to charm one of them into getting him a job which he then embezzles from Patrick on the other hand is betrayed and forced to leave Ireland to escape the English who have found out about his would be insurrection He heads off for the tropics and Elizabeth and Colin decide to go too There Christopher surprises his sister with an unwanted visit he was forced to run away after he was caught stealing and now has no money He assumes that his sister will be only too happy to share and that her husband has forgiven and forgotten Patrick has done neither but out of love for Elizabeth grudgingly agrees to allow him to work in his distillerySpoiler Christopher is murdered and found dead on the shoreSo THEN Elizabeth and Colin and Patrick go to the United States to live in a cabin in the wilderness but Patrick finds out about YET ANOTHER REBELLION which he absolutely must be a part of So he abandons his wife and the daughter he now has leaving them to survive a devastating winter with little food or supplies and the daughter gets sick and almost dies When he returns from playing rebellion again Elizabeth tells him that he's murdered their daughter and he goes off to cry in the woods really She sees him and returns to her cabin to leave him in peace where she's told her daughter is better She intends to tell Patrick this but falls asleep instead and when she wakes up he is gone A few weeks later Colin gives her a missive that her husband has drownedSpoiler He's still aliveAt the end of the book we find out that Colin was the one who betrayed Patrick to the authorities and Colin was also the one who murdered Christopher she thought Patrick did it We've been led this whole time to believe that Colin was in love with his mistress Catherine but it turns out that he's been pining after Elizabeth ever since he met her and his resentment at his brother for taking what he sees as his rightful place as heir and for goading him into the horseback accident that caused his disability mixed with sexual frustration motivated him to do whatever it took to get his brother out of the picture Even that missive of Patrick's death was forged he burned the letter that Patrick had given him to deliver her in the hopes that in the midst of her grief she'd marry him insteadOf course after confessing all of this Colin immediately kills himselfSpoiler Elizabeth isn't really that bothered by thisThe book ends happily Meaning that the two characters get together again with their child still alive and return to his home in Ireland This was not a bad book by any means but I raised my eyebrows at a lot of chunks of the story Despite getting off to a pretty good start with the evil gangs of rowdy boys and hate hate relationship between the H and the h it devolves pretty uickly into a sort of weird psychodrama that kind of reminded me of VC Andrew's Dollanganger series Elizabeth's uncertainty about her brother being the spawn of Satan was so frustrating especially since he murdered a kitten D and also had weird sadist porn in his room He was such a manipulative liar and it was painful to see Mrs Montlow the mother coddle him and Elizabeth enable himThat said I felt like he was axed pretty uickly there was so much buildup of him being painted as a master manipulator and I was expecting some kind of epic showdown Like he might use Elizabeth or her child against Patrick in an attempt to kill him and her and take all their money or something But no instead Christopher sleeps with Moira Ashley and then embezzles money and is then murdered How lame I also felt like the Moira Ashley bit fizzled out too We keep getting told how women in her family tend to be le cray and she gets all Norman Bates y every time someone accuses her of being obsessed with Patrick that I was expecting her to attempt to murder Elizabeth or partner with Christopher in some evil scheme But instead she just disappears from the narrativeI was also annoyed with the twist about Colin because up until the end he was my favorite character and finding out my favorite character was the villain all along was a very rude awakening It would be like reading Harry Potter and finding out that Hermione was actually Voldemort the whole time You would totally be like Wait What No THAT IS NOT ALLOWED And that was how I felt about Colin being this obsessed murderous ragebeast ALL OF THE SIGNS pointed to Christopher and Moira being evil partners in crime; THAT is what I felt that the story was building up toNEVER CALL IT LOVE isn't a bad book despit

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Never Call It LoveTo a nightmare exile on a lush and licentious Caribbean island where lust and murder went hand in hand to the depths of the lawless American wilderness where two men played a monstrous game of heart wrenching deception with her as the stake. I loved this book Like most great bodice rippers it has many different themes revenge rape marriage of convenience and a cheating Hero It takes you from England to Ireland to the Caribbean and America A real emotional ride