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DOWNLOAD Ù The Road to Wanting ✓ ➺ The Road to Wanting Download ➽ Author Wendy Law Yone – Sometimes the hardest journey is the road homeNa Ga was always in search of a better life But now she sits alone in a hotel room in Wanting a godforsaken town on the Chinese Burmese border Plucked fro Sometimes the hardesFor how long can Na Ga belong nowhere and with no one In the dingy hotel in Wanting she is forced to confront her compulsion to keep running and to ask herself why until now she's resisted the journey homeLonglisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction. I uite enjoyed this book and the difficult journey it took readers through I find it important sometimes to remind myself of the sheer horror human beings put others through every single day through deception desperate necessity or sometimes even just inaction; Na Ga isn't wrong with her 'slave planet' idea Though a bit disjointed sometimes it was all for the greater purpose of the book; not an uplifting read but not entirely depressing either in the way it ends

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Hen abandoned by her would be rescuers in Rangoon Later as a teenager she finds herself chasing the dream of a new life in Thailand where further betrayals and violations await Yet The Road PDF it seems that her fighting spirit will not be brokenBut. Another one off the Orange Prize Longlist Na Ga tells her life story in a rambling manner from her childhood as a member of the Wild Lu in Burma via an adoption by an American family time working in a brothel a relationship with a Westerner to the town of Wanting on her way back to Burma The dual meaning of Wanting is obviously intentionalI found the narrative captivating at first then put the book down for a long time and couldn't be bothered to finish it When I did pick it up again I found it uite the page turner again Not sure what happened in the middle really but it lost my interest somewhere So in the end I'm not really sure what to make of it I thought it was a good book but I'd hesitate to recommend it

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The Road to WantingSometimes the hardest journey is the road homeNa Ga was always in search of a better life But now she sits alone in a hotel room in Wanting a godforsaken town on the Chinese Burmese border Plucked from her wild life as a rural eel catcher Na Ga is t. Perspective is vital to a meaningful life which is why I travel and which is why about half of my travel is through what are called Third World countries What is important What is necessary What is frivolous What do I need What do I think I need What do I think I want Who is important to meI was in Myanmar formerly Burma when I read this heart wrenching story of Na Ga a girl from the Lu tribe the poorest most ignorant most feral of all of the primitive tribes in the northern region of Burma right on the Chinese border Though it is slowly being developed and progress is visible poverty in Myanmar is a given Yet most of the people I personally saw live luxurious lives compared to Na GaInterestingly I explored in my book Petrocelli a lot of what she went through confirming that my own research and insights into the life of those trafficked for labor and prostitution were uite accurate However even with a familiarity with the inhumane gruesome practices common in these parts of Southeast Asia I couldn't help but be horrified and pained by all Na Ga went throughPerspective we in the West certainly in the advanced developed economies despite the shortcomings of capitalism the corruption of our mechanisms of government despite horrendous wealth ineuality racism social and class division have so much Actually we have so much we don't need so much which disconnects us from the base realities of the lives of billions of people around the world so much that makes us accomplices in the exploitation of these others This is the perfect book for me to have read as I wander among tens of thousands of human beings who have no plan other than whatever it takes to put together their next meal Perspective