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Dead Men Do Tell TalesDo Tell PDF #203 From a skeleton a skull a mere fragment of burnt thighbone Dr William Dead Men PDFEPUB or Maples can deduce the age gender and ethnicity of a murder victim the manner M This book could be a manual for murderers the author discusses the details of unsolveable cases So to give yourself the best chance of getting away with murder firstly get some tools but not locally Preferably in a place without cameras Maybe online if not pay cash Go somewhere where no one will hear you Wear protective clothing Hack person you killed into pieces Distribute them widely preferably underwater and not in garbage bags Throw the tools into a lake Burn the clothingWhat are the differences and similarities between a pathologist and a forensic anthropologist when it comes to dead bodies A pathologist is a medical doctor with extra training A forensic anthropologist isn't the guy to call for an autopsy in the hospital it's a relatively rare career reuiring a PhD in anthropology and deals with putrefying bodies gone beyond the greasy wax of adipocere into bones picked clean by time and insects The author was able to identify the cremated ashes found in a box discarded on an interstate even This is a really interesting bookBoth though sometimes examine disgusting corpses exhumed from vaults full of the gases of decay and decomposition Both look for the truth for the method of murder for the clues to the murderer himself How and why did these people end up as corpses n corpses or bits of them even recent ones There was a case where the widow refused to accept that her husband had committed suicide He had but he didn't mean to and it was difficult to sort out It was really a case of 'truth being stranger than fiction'People at a train station observe a man at the far end of the platform opposite plunge onto the rails right in front of an oncoming train His family refuse to accept that he committed suicide and he certainly wasn't pushed What the author found was that he was peeing on to the tracks and the stream hit the live rail electricity travelled straight up it and he was electrocuted and died before his body even fell onto the tracksRelated books I read recently are very good Unnatural Causes is forensic pathology and Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs Big uestions from Tiny Mortals About Death is very light and entertaining Neither are in the same league as this book Read October 2019 reviewed December 2019

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EPUB ¹ MOBI Dead Men Do Tell Tales ò 9780385479684 ↠ WILLIAM R. MAPLES ↠ [EPUB] ✰ Dead Men Do Tell Tales By William R. Maples – Helpyouantib.co.uk From a skeleton a skull a mere fragment of burnt thighbone Dr William Maples can deduce the age gender and ethnicity of a murdeEn Do Tell Epub #223 in which the person was dispatched and ultimately the identity of the killer  In Dead Men Do Tell Tales Dr Maples revisits his strangest most interesting and most Imagine that your uncle or grandfather were a forensic anthropologist who worked on famous cases like identifying the remains of the Romanov family or figuring out if President Zachary Taylor had died of arsenic poisoning and you asked him to tell you stories every time you got together As he told you stories about cases he's worked on he would mix in some history science and descriptions of things like the labs he's worked in Inevitably as these storytellers do especially if they are experienced teachers who know the students won't get it till the third time you say it he will repeat some points he really wants you to get If you wrote down those stories this would be the book versionI found this a fascinating read but perhaps I am not the average reader since I have taught Biology and Anatomy and I actually seriously considered going into forensic anthropology myself Puzzles and science have always intrigued me That said this book is definitely not for everyone If you can't eat dinner while watching CSI or Bones you may want to avoid this book particularly if you have a good visual imagination Dr Maples does go into some graphic details at times There are a few pictures in the book mostly of skeletal remains but they could be easily avoided since they are printed on different paper and you know exactly where they are in the book The language in the book is for the most part clean except for one f word in a suicide note that is included in one of the chapters The cases in the book range from average to strange murders accidents and suicides in the USA to the challenges of identifying remains from wars to extremely famous cases like identifying the remains of the Czar's family in Russia I liked that this was a good dose of reality after watching too many CSI type shows in which the criminalists uickly identify the victim and find the criminal within 24hrs almost every time Dr Maples points out that the real life of a forensic anthropoligist is filled with unaswered uestions than solved cases and that even those that do have answers can take a really long time to wrap up; an important thing to know especially for anyone who wants to go into the fieldThis book was actually written before CSI and all the other forensic science shows hit the tv scene You would think the science in this book would be dated since it is almost 20 years old but the only thing I really noticed was how hard it was for him to get DNA testing done It actually took me a little while to realize the book had been written in the 90s instead of in the past decade

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Horrific investigations from the baffling cases of conuistador Francisco Pizarro and Vietnam MIAs to the mysterious deaths of President Zachary Taylor and the family of Czar Nicholas I This book is written by a forensic anthropologist about his work identifying people's remains from their skeletons first published 1994 It's an interesting book I was surprised how morbid it was; I was expecting CSI rather than what is almost a memoir Maples treats his subjects thematically rather than on a case by case basis and includes many instances of cases where identification was impossible or murderers never found He likes to talk about how gruesome his work is and can be a bit tiresome actually going on about how he managed to keep his lunch in instances where policemen did not It's interesting but I think that owes to the subject matter than the writing The style is a bit flat and Maple's scholarly approach to things while having definite advantages does become a bit much after a while Browning goes on about how the bones speak but I found that the book would have benefited if the bones had been allowed to speak for themselves without the author constantly pressing his own judgements upon us I enjoyed the book for the contrast it poses to CSI and other brands of mystery fiction but I wouldn't read it again