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Angry Sea Hidden SandsOry and a black hearted femme fatale who is definitely out for bloodSoon to be followed by the third volume of The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles Angry Sea Hidden Sands is a mystery as well as a gripping adventure story As ensnaring as the homicidal hair on the head of the Forbidden Lady it’s bound to keep readers in place until the last plot twist has been played out and the very last page has been turn. Today's post is The Grave Robbers' Chronicles Volume 2 Angry Sea Hidden Sands by Xu Lei and translated by Kathy Mok It is published by ThingsAsian Press and it 237 pages long excluding author's info and preview of the next book at the end In my post about volume one I had some problems with that I thought was the translation style but now I think differently Volume one was the first novel that Xu had written and the second volume is much better It is easier to read the action is exciting and in general all in all just better The language is still coarse but not as bad as in the first oneThe plot of volume starts right where one left off with Wu opening the box he found in the tomb of dead warriors Inside there is a fish with eyebrows that are shaped like fish His uncle Three pulls another one out of his pocket that looks just like the one Wu has His uncle takes off without telling Wu anything At first Wu is not concerned but when a week goes by without hearing anything from his uncle he is starting to get worried when he is called by a rental company Uncle Three rented a boat with a full crew to find an underwater tomb which is a story that Wu has heard about all his life Over the course of the story Wu ends up with two of his companions from the first Fats and Poker face whose name we learn is Zhang ilin The plot twists in this volume are unpredictable then in the first one I am looking forward to the next one because of the way he ends this one Once again if ancient Chinese lore is your thing then definitely is a story for you The third book is still being translated in English but I hope so see it soon

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Ry Sea PDF or change as uickly as the rooms that imprison the gang of grave robbers Rapidly each of them realizes nobody is to be relied on and that the truth is harder to find than any tomb’s treasure trove or the enigmatic and elusive Uncle Three This second volume of The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles continues the fast paced horror saga that began in Cavern of the Blood Zombies filled with humor hist. This book is just as good as the first book I can't say enough about his zombiesThis one was pregnant but not with a baby zombie but with a demonThere was no corpse eating bugs but there was sea monkeys not the type sea monkeys that we see in those advertisements but sea monkeys that resemble the creature from the black lagoonSo far I just love this series and can't wait to read I highly recommend itYou won't regret it

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Angry Sea Hidden Sands review ☆ 103 ☆ ➶ [Reading] ➸ Angry Sea Hidden Sands By Lei Xu ➫ – When Uncle Three’s boat disappears in the South China Sea an undersea grave robbing adventure begins for Fats Poker face and Uncle Three’s long suffering nephew While searching for their reprobate When UncWhen Uncle Three’s boat disappears in the South China Sea an undersea grave robbing adventure begins for Fats Poker face and Uncle Three’s long suffering nephew While searching for their reprobate leader they find themselves lost in a labyrinth of shifting rooms and pursued by two monsters that are as tenacious as they are deadlyWho can be trusted Who is lying Answers to these uestions shift and Ang. Edit review Well my opinion about Wu Xie improved The three of them did make a golden trio with Wu Xie and Wang Pangzi being the dumb and dumber and ilin was fed up by their bullshits most of the times Im looking forward to see their partnership in the next book but maybe not in the third so gotta skip that for laterI cannot help to think that Wu Xie is one judgemental jerk he called people names by their physical traits and was uick to judgehatedislike people in a first greeting only which would end up wrong I dare say and not only was he judgemental he was also ungrateful after Baldy saved him from the ghost ship he said that Baldy had given exaggerate account at how he had saved his sorry ass and you know what I say he earned it but did I hear you thanking him once huh Wu Xie You still called him names still and was into admiring your sexy partner's body than being a grateful human being And no not once did I hear him thanking his saviour I'm starting not to like him