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review 宴のあと Utage no Ato × eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❰PDF❯ ✅ 宴のあと Utage no Ato Author Yukio Mishima – For years Kazu has run her fashionable restaurant with a combination of charm and shrewdness But when the she falls in love with one of her clients an aristocratic rEtired politician she renounces her business in order to become his wife But it is not so easy to renounce her 宴のあと Utage PDFEPUBindependent spirit and event. If one would like to read After the Banuet by Yukio Mishima for romantic or sensational scenes this novel might be disappointing since he has portrayed a formidable lady named Kazu the proprietress of the Setsugoan in her years of age over fifty p 7 whose fate leads her to meet a retired elderly over sixty p 76 politician and ambassador named Noguchi Their first meeting is at her distinguished restaurant in Tokyo when there is an annual meeting of the Kagen Club where Noguchi duly attends Eventually she has become gradually interested in him as we can see from these excerptsNoguchi who had scarcely uttered a word finally spoke Why don't we drop all this talk about the old days We're still young after allNoguchi spoke with a smile but the surging strength in his tone made the others fall silentKazu was captivated by this one remark She thought This gentleman can say beautifully things which are really difficult to say p 19It was strange that amidst all this excitement Noguchi's words I'm the only one with nothing to tie me down should have lingered so vividly in Kazu's mind Yes those definitely had been Noguchi's words and their meaning like the vibrations of a silver wire sent a glow of light into Kazu's heart p 24Rather we would read how these two senior celebs have fallen in love; indeed Kazu is determined never to fall in love again back cover However Noguchi and Kazu have their own amorous reasons and thus end up getting married in spite of disagreement from a famous politician named Nagayama pp 87 91

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Ually Kazu must choose between her marriage and the demands of her irrepressible vitality After the Banuet is a magnificent portrait of political and domestic warfar. Yukio Mishma's After The Banuet 1960 is interesting in the depiction of corruption in politics but at heart it is a character study of a strong woman Kazu Kazu runs a restaurant Setsugen in Tokyo that is freuented by Japan's political power players She strikes up an autumn romance with Nouguchi a politico Their attraction seems somewhat inexplicable it seems that it gives her a task to take care of the man and then his unlikely campaign for political office After Noguchi's failure they part ways as the firebrand Kazu will not fade away living a uiet modest life in the suburbs I was interested to learn about Omizutori a series of events giant torches are burned nightly during the duration of the event held annually from March 1st to the 14th at Todaiji Temple that has been held every year for 1250 years in Nara There were a couple of trips to this event in the plot of the novel Apparently the novel was something of a scandal when it came out since it was modeled on a particular politician of the time and he actually won a ruling that it violated his privacy In retrospect it is surprising since it is far from a salacious portrayal of an affair

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宴のあと Utage no AtoFor years Kazu has run her fashionable restaurant with a combination of charm and shrewdness But when the she falls in love with one of her clients an aristocratic r. It is a sad story of a Japanese woman after the WW2 era trying to stand on her own feet A story of a vivid and real woman trying to survive in the patriarchal environment among all pseudo modern and well educated men The secondary item of the novel might be the hypocritical and manipulative sides of politics maybe the endevour to move to the upper class as our female protagonist implies However from my humble point of view Mishima wanted to point out how a woman could be brave and devoted when being in love Besides these he has given women whether Japanese or not the inspiration not to give up and dream further even at an old age