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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ Reeling Through The Fall æ ➹ [Download] ➵ Reeling Through The Fall By Zarah Detand ➼ – Three years It's been three years since Sven made the mistake of falling in love with his best friend's little brother He's paid the price picked up the pieces and managed to move on forgEst friend's little brother He's paid the price picked up the pieces and managed to move on forget about Leo and all th. As usual beautiful Can't get enough of Zarah's writing Or characters Or settings Or universes Or ideas Or love storiesYou make it worth every words of angst Thank you


Three years It's been three years since Sven made the mistake of falling Reeling Through ePUB #10003 in love with his b. First time with this author and it was such a weird experience On one hand the plot and the way the story unfolds irritated the bejesus out of me but on the other hand I really like the author's writing and the MC's inner voice Can you see my dilemma hereThe third person single POV worked great here and Sven the narrator is funny as hell His inner monologues and the way he saw things was hilarious The story is not without feels though and there were some pretty emotional scenes too There is also heat and the steam is just rightWhat didn't work at all is the conflict of this story It's all big misunderstanding y'all A stupid moment of miscommunication utterly unbelievable and eye roll inducing that happened a few years back and doesn't get resolved until the 63% mark of the book Until then the characters act like immature 5 yar olds pinching tripping elbowing or sabotaging each other at work Who the hell does these thingsAll these stupid things took too much page time and the things that truly mattered like Sven reconsiling with his friend Julie were mentioned in passingBottom line the story had heart I liked certain elements and I would read something else by the author But I can't rate it higher because it was all based on contrived and irrational drama Also posted on Gay Book Reviews

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Reeling Through The FallOse secret touches kisses smiles Well mostly Leo showing up at Sven's place of work though That wasn't part of the plan. Zarah Detand’s Reeling Through the Fall is another one of those chance 1 Click purchases that just so happened to pay off where so many don’t What this story lacks in page count it makes up for with a bit of angst some indisputable chemistry between its MCs a heaping helping of misunderstanding and a jot of healing from past mistakes made when Sven and Leo were still innocent and green in the ways of love and sexuality None of these themes may be original in the New Adult romance genre but Detand’s breezy storytelling and the charm of her characters elevate this novella just enough that the sense of familiarity takes a backseat to our desire to discover what’d happened three years before that led to the hostility these two guys feel toward each other nowJust sixteen and seventeen when their secret relationship imploded now Leo and Sven three years later have been thrown together again in London after Leo’s given a job in the pub where Sven bartends while putting himself through law school To say their reunion is nothing short of venomous isn’t understating the facts in the slightest If these two could have killed each other with verbal barbs and stabby eyed death stares they’d have both been sliced and diced to a bloody pulp within the first few pages of the book But then then there’s the attraction to each other still bubbling just under the surface of all that acrimony which does nothing but makes them even hostile toward each other Gotta love that irony rightJust when the story gets to the point where patience for their shenanigans begins to wear thin the author pulls the story together in the nick of time thanks to a couple of Sven and Leo’s good friends and it wasn’t a moment too soon either It worked well though the building tension given that these two boys are still so young and are still trying to work through what had gone wrong—so many things—when everything in their relationship fell apart back in their small town where the walls of gossip and speculation and scandal closed in and made everything all the worse But they are earnest in their sincerity not to allow history to repeat itself and that was the neon sign in the story that Sven and Leo were ready for a grownup relationshipReeling Through the Fall is a nice little tale to dig into when you’re looking for a bit of angst and a sweet resolution all wrapped up in a uick and satisfying readReviewed by Lisa for The Novel Approachhttpwwwthenovelapproachreviewsco