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characters ´ Ain't I a Woman Black Women and Feminism ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Ain't I a Woman Black Women and Feminism Author Bell Hooks – A groundbreaking work of feminist history and theory analyzing the complex relations K womanhood black male sexism racism within the recent women's movement and I a Woman MOBI #238 black women's involvement with feminis. I cannot stress enough how important this book is; a molotov cocktail into the cultural necropolis that is America bell hooks wields her pen like a sledgehammer dismantling the pillars of a sexist racist and classist society She illustrates how these three insidious ideologies oppress and privilege us in myriad ways poisoning the possibility for genuine human interactioncommunity and dehumanizing us all Some reviewers have criticized the book for not having footnotes or for certain historical inaccuracies or generalizations These minor missteps do not change the validity of the conclusions she draws and conseuently are just ivory tower uibbling Her clarion call ending demanding a radical transformative force in American society to dismantle the institutions that merely perpetuate these oppressions restates Fanon's call for the New Man with a much better understanding of the pitfalls along the way If only Fanon would have realized that entrusting the revolution to patriarchs does not result in anyone being free and instead merely reanimates the rotting cadaver of Europe; a monstrous edifice made flesh

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A groundbreaking work of a Woman Epub #221 feminist history and theory analyzing the complex relations between various forms of oppres. White male scholars who examined the black family by attempting to see in what ways it resembled the white family structure were confident that their data was not biased by their own personal prejudices against women assuming an active role in family decision making But it must be remembered that these white males were educated in an elite institutional world that excluded both black people and many white women institutions that were both racist and sexist Calling myself racist accomplishes nothing Calling society racist accomplishes nothing Calling the world racist accomplishes nothing and in fact solipsistically applies the framework of United States oppression theory to a vast spectra of bigotry each impacting the other but never ever the same In a word calling out an observation does nothing Appropriating the patriarchal scientific method for a moment one hypothesizes experiments hypothesizes experiments ad infinitum Call out your observations wonder why go forth call out wonder go forth Never ever stop Historically white patriarchs rarely referred to the racial identity of white women because they believed that the subject of race was political and therefore would contaminate the sanctified domain of “white” women’s reality By verbally denying white women racial identity that is by simply referring to them as women when what they really meant was white women their status was reduced to that of non personWhite feminists did not challenge the racist sexist tendency to use the word “woman” to refer solely to white women; they supported it For them it served two purposes First it allowed them to proclaim white men world oppressors while making it appear linguistically that no alliance existed between white women and white men based on shared racial imperialism Second it made it possible for white women to act as if alliances did exist between themselves and non white women in our society and by doing so they could deflect attention away from their classism and racism hooks called out both feminists I've read and feminists I'm planning to read and yet I will continue to use the information I have learned and will seek out of the same An answer to the wherefore lies in my inherently valuing the critical process far than the perfection of the accumulated tidbits a holistic rejection of the freeze frame the weighing the hierarchy of the patriarchy implying white imperialism and androcentrism and so much else It is far easier to hate everything else than it is to incorporate that everything else into a deconstruction of that hate but if you proclaim yourself an agent of justice that is what you must do We cannot form an accurate picture of woman’s status by simply calling attention to the role assigned females under patriarchy More specifically we cannot form an accurate picture of the status of black women by simply focusing on racial hierarchiesScholars have argued further that by not allowing black men to assume their traditional patriarchal status white men effectively emasculated them reducing them to an effeminate state Implicit in this assertion is the assumption that the worst that can happen to a man is that he be made to assume the social status of woman I'll rest when a black trans lesbian a recovering addict who grew up in poverty and was once a sex worker is the President of the United States Inconceivable enough to almost everyone as of now but that list of characteristics will only grow longer during my lifetime of reading writing and thinking for the lack of academic discourse on that particular combination of bigotry does not prevent me from being aware of the existence of individuals who by sheer coincidence of birth fit the bill That coincidence should not choke aspirations of leadership in the highest echelons from the get go What must change is not the aspirations but the choking “I know of than one colored woman who was openly importuned by white women to become the mistresses of their white husbands on the grounds that they the white wives were afraid that if their husbands did not associate with colored women they would certainly do so with outside white women and the white wives for reasons which ought to be perfectly obvious preferred to have their husbands do wrong with the colored women in order to keep their husbands straight”I interviewed a black woman usually employed as a clerk who was living in near poverty yet she continually emphasized the fact that black woman was matriarchal powerful in control of her life; in fact she was nearly having a nervous breakdown trying to make ends meet hooks did not touch on ueer theory She did not call out the disrespectful and dehumanizing view of China and its culture in one of her used uotes She did not cite her sources as explicitly as most although the very concept of citations evolves from the uick and easy rhetoric of the patriarchy that engulfs its oppression in seeming ethos while in reality making the rules so as to have something to mewl and puke about when the institution is threatened as if the rules themselves as with racism were anything but conjured out of thin air and as such can be treated accordingly similar to how Goodreads keeps capitalizing her name aka disrespecting her autonomy in the effort to preserve the fragile sanctity of

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Ain't I a Woman Black Women and FeminismSion Ain't I a Woman examines the Ain't I eBook #10003 impact of sexism on black women during slavery the historic devaluation of blac. Radical Accessible we need bell hooksThe Good I was setting a high bar expecting something similar to Angela Y Davis’ Women Race Class and Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider Essays and Speeches and to my delight bell hooks exceeded these expectations bell hooks exemplifies intersectionality at its best radical principled critiue while still grasping the big picture by maintaining solidarity and giving room for change thus not a cynical armchair revolutionaryThis is no easy feat; there will always be a range of reactions with misinterpretations slipping beyond your control However bell hooks elouently demonstrates that her critiues are meant to build on by working out contradictions rather than tear down or diminish movements Fallacies are methodically unraveled in an accessible manner we have enough dry academic tomes that will never see the light of day in social movements with summaries like this that strike at the core In all these struggles we must be assertive and challenging combating the deep seated tendency in Americans to be liberal that is to evade struggling over uestions of principle for fear of creating tensions or becoming unpopular Instead we must live by the fundamental dialectical principle that progress comes only from struggling to resolve contradictions Highlights1 Legacies of slavery especially the additional sexism towards black women in their field and domestic slave labor2 19th century capitalist development transforming the image of white women from sinful temptress to virtuous innocence in contrast to the image of black women 3 Conflict and fallacies with white liberal feminism and black male anti racism similar to Women Race Class A particular focus is unpacking the myth of black men’s emasculation difficulties becoming the breadwinner and corresponding myth of black matriarchy popularized by the 1965 Moynihan Report and how they perpetuate capitalist patriarchal worldviews The Missing This book is a crash course social analysis overview; a useful pairing would be Cornel West’s Race Matters With a New Introduction Key topical reads include The New Jim Crow Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness and The Color of Law A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America While bell hooks builds from important frameworks in political economy and historical materialism a deeper dive into these structures of real world capitalism will fill out the other half of hook’s analyses such as this While feminist supporters like to think that feminism has been the motivating force behind changes in woman’s role in actuality changes in the American capitalist economy have had the greatest impact on the status of women More women than ever before are in America’s work force not because of feminism but because families can no longer rely on the income of the father Feminism has been used as a psychological tool to make women think that work they might otherwise see as boring tedious and time consuming is liberating For whether feminism exists or not women must work